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Today’s guest on the podcast is Lisa Steadman, a long-time friend of mine and all-around awesome lady. Her energy is infectious and I’m sure you’ll love her! In this episode we’re talking all about happiness, and embracing the spot that you’re currently in. Lisa shows us that you can be happy with where you are in life, but still that doesn’t mean that you’re finished growing or changing either.

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • What is Dream Plus Do? (4 minutes and 31 seconds)
  • The phrase gets thrown around a lot, but what does “having it all” really mean? (11:51)
  • How other women can actually keep us from shining (19:15)
  • Why our personal development work is never really done! (25:14)
  • What does Lisa mean about being a “Pretty big girl” (27:07)
  • Why the demons we dodge the longest are often the most difficult to tackle (34:16)

Having what you want can be a scary thing, but it all starts with consistently working on yourself to manage things. This conversation with Lisa is an eye opener, and I hope you enjoy listening to Episode 135 of Your Kick-Ass Life Podcast!

Resources from this podcast:

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Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way
Lisa’s books: It’s a Breakup, Not a Breakdown and If He’s Not the One, Who Is?
Lisa’s website

Lisa Steadman is a best selling author, internationally acclaimed speaker, relationship expert, serial entrepreneur,and highly sought after voice for women who are ready to redefine what Having It All looks like. From her best selling books including her runaway hit It’s A Breakup, Not A Breakdown to her hilarious and heartfelt Confessions Of An Imposter Mom, audiences around the globe rave about Lisa’s refreshingly real world take on the ages & relationship stages women find themselves in (single, dating, mating, marriage, motherhood, divorce, starting over) – and how to navigate each with humor, heart, and hustle.

A successful serial entrepreneur, Lisa parlayed the secrets and strategies that helped catapult her own success building an online brand and business into It Factor For Entrepreneurs, a free online training portal for aspiring and seasoned women in business who want to master the art of branding, messaging, marketing, and monetizing their talents, experience, and greatness.

Through her Breakup Boot Camps and Branding Booty Camps, Lisa has successfully mentored hundreds of women in the last decade to STOP feeling stuck, START living creatively while owning, embodying, and igniting their It Factor, a.k.a. what makes each woman irresistible, inimitable, and iconic.

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