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On today’s episode I welcome Tatiana Jerome to the show to give it to us straight – as a woman who doesn’t sugarcoat the truth! Her personal experiences led her to not just a successful online presence but also a career counseling women and a public speaking. Tatiana teaches how to focus on loving and taking care of ourselves first. As she shares, by prioritizing your relationship with yourself, you won’t get lost in relationships with others – and she shares fascinating insights around this topic today.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How journaling lead Tatiana to write her book (4 minutes and 28 seconds)
  • Sometimes when you are in the self-help industry you forget to take your own advice! (6:03)
  • Steps to getting out of a long-term relationship that isn’t serving you (7:22)
  • How to identify if the relationship is serving you and why identifying your time threshold is needed (9:31)
  • Why you must continue doing the things that YOU want to do (17:05)
  • How to put your foot down, in an effective way… (23:51)
  • The best way to start trusting yourself in the decisions you make (29:23)
  • How to begin to forgive yourself (32:20)

Tatiana is getting rave reviews for her book, Love Lost, Lost Found, which is being called a “MUST have” for readers. You can see we covered a lot in this conversation, so you’ll need to tune in to this episode of Your Kick-Ass Life to hear what #TATIsays!

Resources from this podcast:

Tatiana’s Website
Her book, Love Lost Love Found: A Woman’s Guide To Letting Go Of The Past & Finding New Love


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Tatiana Jerome, author of Love Lost, Love Found turned her personal experience into not just a thriving online presence but a career counseling women and speaking at a variety of organizations. She lives in Florida and her website is www.tatianajerome.com.

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