Today’s episode is a bit different than my usual. I’ve brought on Amy Smith (my best friend and The Joy Junkie) as I tell the story of my father’s terminal illness and death, what it’s been like, and what I’ve learned in the seven months since it’s happened. Amy shares the story of her father’s death too.

Amy prompts me to answer the questions of:
How has it been doing all of this sober?
What has this taught you?

I thank you all for listening to this episode– it was not easy to record, but I’m thankful for Amy for helping me and for all of you for being there. I hope this helps any of you who’ve also loved someone you love, have been through any grief of your own, or to help anyone that will someday walk this same path.

Resources from this episode:
Seth Godin’s altMBA program is here
Martha Atkins book, Signposts of the Dying
Podcast episode with Martha Adkins
How I Stayed Sober Through the Death of my Father

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