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I’m joined today by best selling author (and so much more!), Shannon Kaiser. Shannon’s new book is called The Self-Love Experiment: Fifteen Principles for Becoming More Kind, Compassionate, and Accepting of Yourself, which goes along so well with what we talk about here on the Your Kick-Ass Life Podcast.

Through her work, Shannon shows others how to fall in love with their lives and fearlessly live their full potential. But do we really know what self-love is, and how to love the parts of us that we think are unlovable?

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Shannon decided to change her own self-hating ways (6 minutes and 52 seconds)
  • Be patient – learning the tools to change the negative dialogue with yourself is a process (12:12)
  • Are you present in the feelings that you have? Learn why you should acknowledge them… (14:54)
  • What self-care actually looks like (15:50)
  • What have you always wanted to do but never gave yourself permission to do? (20:05)
  • Why feeling good in your life should be your priority! (28:12)

Resources from this episode:

Shannon's Website 

Tanning, Tacos, and Transformation Conference (registration closes SOON!)

Learn about my 1:1 coaching here (one spot open!)

Shannon Kaiser has been named “Top 100 Women to Watch in Wellness” by the Mind Body Green, and “a thought leader on the rise” by Café Truth. She appears regularly as a happiness expert on AM Northwest and HuffPo Live. Shannon is the best-selling author of Adventures for Your Soul, and Find your Happy.

Shannon's the founder of Playwiththeworld.com, named “Top 75 Personal Development Websites,” and “Top 100 Self Help Blogs” by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

She's an author, international entrepreneur/life coach, travel writer, teacher, and inspirational speaker who left her job in advertising several years ago to follow her heart and become a writer.

Her work has been recognized in media outlets across the globe such as HuffPost Live, Health Magazine, Australian Vogue, Women’s Health, Spirituality & Health and Entrepreneur magazine. Everything Shannon does is to help you connect to your true self and unapologetically live your authentic purpose.

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