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I’m so excited to bring you today’s show with guest Maria Felipe. Maria is an author who’s achieved success as a model and actress, and used to be a WWF hostess! She has so much energy that it’s infectious, and you’re going to absolutely love listening to her story!

As you’ll hear, Maria’s own journey started with her trying to find happiness inside her, and she started doing the deep work to heal herself. She recognized that we’ve been run by a society that is ego driven, and this makes us feel that fear and sadness is normal. Maria is trying to change this thinking though through her work, and to show people that happiness and feeling at peace is actually normal.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What Maria means by false or external happiness – and the trap we’re falling into (10 minutes and 27 seconds
  • How she started to undo the thought system of trying to find happiness outside herself (12:09)
  • The book that helped Maria undo that voice of fear (13:23)
  • How she was able to get a book deal from a single online post! (15:59)
  • Can we be happy all the time (and where is your happiness)? (25:59)
  • A powerful way to choose how we experience things in life (41:22)

As we’re getting close to the new year, I wanted to mention that my new book, How To Stop Feeling Like Shit: 14 Habits That Are Holding You Back From Happiness is coming out January 2nd, 2018! I share some details about the upcoming book tours that are planned, so stay tuned – I just might be coming to a city near you and would love the opportunity to see you in person. Click here to sign up for all the upcoming details of the book and tour!

Resources from this podcast:

Maria’s Website & Free Introduction of Her Book, Live Your Happy
A Course In Miracles
A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson
Episode 169: Here’s What’s Coming


<   Maria Felipe is the author of Live Your Happy. A Cuban-American born in Miami, she is 5’9” with a towering personality to match. After experiencing success as a model and actress, including hosting World Wrestling Federation TV shows, she felt called inward and studied to become a reverend at Pathways of Light, an accredited religious school inspired by A Course in Miracles. She leads monthly services in both Spanish and English at Unity Church in Burbank, CA. Visit her online at http://www.mariafelipe.org.
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