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There’s a chance that anyone listening to this podcast has dealt with feelings of anxiety and depression. Our guest today is Quentin Vennie, and he’s openly battled and survived not only these afflictions, but he’s also overcome addiction and now encourages others to be proactive in caring for their mental health.

In this episode, Quentin talks openly about his struggles growing up being a male in the community he was raised in and the expectations that society had on him as being a man. He shares how this contributed to his anxiety and depression disorders, but by listening you’ll hear how he was able to use different modalities and paths to process and for healing himself.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Culture and our society can strip us away from our humanity – here’s how (9 minutes and 38 seconds)
  • Why Quentin is a firm believer that anxiety is your body’s way of trying to communicate with you (11:50)
  • His strategy for successfully managing his anxiety and depression now (14:55)
  • The different modalities he used to process his past emotional issues and how he learned to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations (17:08)
  • How can we change the stigma around mental illness – starting today! (21:38)
  • Society has a way of us making decisions based on a position of fear… (19:50)

Next week I’ll be joined by psychic Laura Powers, which is an episode you will not want to miss. The following week we’ll have another Listener Q&A episode, and I know you love these because they are the most downloaded of all the YKAL episodes (you can click the link below under resources to send us your own question for a future episode)!

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His Book, Strong in the Broken Places
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Quentin Vennie is a celebrated wellness expert, motivational speaker and author of the forthcoming memoir, Strong In The Broken Places. He grew up in Baltimore, a city once identified as the “Heroin Capital of America,” under conditions defined by adversity, struggle, and hopelessness. Raised by a single mother who fought tirelessly to give him a better life, get him out of the city, and on a path to something better.

Plagued with low self-esteem, and feelings of abandonment, he was diagnosed with anxiety and depression at age fourteen. Years later he developed a prescription drug and alcohol addiction that drained him of everything, including his desire to live.

After years of fighting a war of anxiety, depression and addiction, he set out on a journey to heal himself. With nothing more than faith and determination, he was able to successfully overcome his addictions, as well as develop a system to better manage his anxiety disorder.

His unbelievable road to recovery has been publicly celebrated by notable figures in the world of wellness and beyond. Quentin’s transformation has inspired thousands worldwide and has raised global awareness of anxiety, depression and addiction. He is living proof that during our weakest moments we have the power and ability to unlock unimaginable strength.

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