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I’m excited for you to hear this episode, because it’s the first time I've had a witch on the podcast! Just kidding (sort of) –today my guest is psychic medium Laura Powers, and she’s showing us how each of us can access our own intuition to learn about our true selves.

As Laura shares, we can actually be proactive and take different approaches to reach out to our angels (or guides, as she calls them). We can also learn to recognize when they are trying to reach out to us, and then open ourselves up to this communication.

I think you’ll be fascinated what she has to say, as this episode of the podcast is a real eye opener!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How a psychic helped Laura open up and helped her acknowledge her own gifts (7 minutes and 15 seconds)
  • The steps you can take today to access your intuition and learn more about your true self – and why this is such a powerful tool to use (10:22)
  • What should we do in instances where angels or guides are trying to communicate with us (16:12)
  • It’s not just in the ask – you have to be willing and ready to accept it! (28:06)
  • What a “healing fantasy” is all about… (29:12)

Resources from this podcast

Laura’s Website
Her books, Life and the After-Life and Angels
Apply to work with Andrea privately
Check out workshops on the How To Stop Feeling Like Shit book tour here

Laura Powers is a celebrity psychic who has been featured by buzzfeed, nbc, Motherboard Magazine by Vice, and many other media outlets. She is a clairvoyant, psychic medium, writer, actress, model, producer, writer, singer and speaker who helps other receive guidance and communicate with loved ones. Laura got into this work after going through a life-crisis in which she was in a toxic marriage, overweight, unemployed, physically sick, and lost. She started taking psychic development classes to understand what went wrong in her life. She now uses her experience communicating with angels, spirits, and other energy beings to help her clients better understand and change their lives. You can learn more about Laura at www.healingpowers.net.

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