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Many months ago I sent out a survey looking for what you wanted to hear more of on the podcast, and the results are in! A handful of you wanted to hear more stories from “regular” women (and not experts in personal development), so today I am bringing you a conversation I had with a coaching client of mine.

Janessa Nickell is a client I’ve worked with for many months over this past year, and in this episode she talks about her struggles and what she was facing when she decided to work with me privately. She reveals that through the work that was done, she now has the confidence to be able to do this work on herself, but it wasn’t without becoming extremely vulnerable first. Like everyone, not only does Janessa have a story to tell but now she is going out in the world and sharing it!

The heart of what I do is around vulnerability, shame resilience, and courage. It’s sometimes hard for me to explain what this looks like and it’s easier to hear it coming out of the mouth of someone who’s experienced it. As you’ll hear, it takes a decision and a commitment to the work. Remember, the real work happens in between the sessions and what you’re doing when this stuff is coming up in your daily life.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why Janessa decided to make a commitment to this work (and was she ready for it)? (I1 minutes and 52 seconds)
  • The conversation she finally had with herself that was buried for so long (16:53)
  • A “test” Janessa was faced with when we were about halfway through the work, how she handled it and the realization she ultimately made from it (23:24)
  • The real difference between guilt and shame (32:01)
  • Her biggest a-ha moments coming from the work we did (40:06)
  • How Janessa is different now (45:05)
  • Beating yourself up for beating yourself up? Here’s what I call this (and what you can start doing) (47:41)

Next week I have a special episode for you where I’m speaking with the author of The Power of Forgiveness, Emily Hooks.  If you’re a regular listener of YKAL you’ve heard me talk about this book, but now I get a chance to really dive deep into the principles she shares in it.  

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