In this episode we’re talking all about forgiveness, and today’s guest literally wrote the book on this topic! Emily Hooks is the author of The Power of Forgiveness, and as you’ll hear from this conversation, this subject can be complex.

At the root of it, forgiveness isn’t about the other person; it is about healing yourself.

If life isn’t showing up how you want it to that’s a sign that it’s trying to show us what to heal, forgive or learn. This is what makes it so important that we explore the relationships in our lives, with both ourselves and other people.

Ultimately, you will decide if there is a need for forgiveness based on the impact of what happened. Rewriting your own story is possible and can lead you to start the healing process now. Best of all, you can use what has happened to you for good, no matter how traumatic the experience.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What is forgiveness as an act of self-empowerment all about? (6 minutes and 9 seconds)
  • Why forgiveness is not really about the other person (8:05) – and it’s not just saying the words! (10:20)
  • The role trust plays in all of this (14:42)
  • There’s a relationship that exists between shame, forgiveness and self-forgiveness… (18:02)
  • Feeling broken? Here’s what it means (26:10)
  • We absolutely can reclaim our story to create an experience of self-love and compassion! (28:36)

Resources from this podcast:

Emily's Website
Recovery series
Pre-order How To Stop Feeling Like Shit (and then make sure you sign up for your bonuses here— to be released late January)
NYC workshop

Emily is an author, speaker, and founder of the Forgiveness Academy™. Her book, The Power of Forgiveness: A Guide to Healing and Wholeness is a comprehensive guide to forgiveness as a healing practice. The author makes the crucial point that, for us to be the most empowered versions of ourselves in the world, we must prioritize our healing. And, forgiveness is the most important path toward healing that we can undertake.

Emily speaks on forgiveness, finding self-empowerment by embracing our past, and her personal journey at throughout the US. She also facilitates workshops and provides group training in person and online and offers exclusive coaching services on a limited basis. Prior to launching the Academy™ Emily worked as a freelance writer and attended the University of Texas at Dallas for her MBA in Entrepreneurship.

To find out more, please visit emilyjhooks.com.

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