Hey Ass-Kickers!

Today’s guest is a real life friend of mine – and actually one of the first friends I made when we moved to North Carolina. “Ella” is actually her initials and the name she goes by online, not her real first name (think Beyoncé or Madonna)! She’s so fancy ?

In this episode Ella shares about that place where wellness and personal development meet. We look at how you can make the decision to not beat yourself up with shame (and find a balance) and so much more!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Ella was able to transform her work – and in the process become more relatable (11 minutes and 59 seconds)
  • The real reason why shame is NOT a strategy when it comes to wellness (23:58)
  • You can’t solve an emotional problem just by doing this…(23:14)
  • Some mindset shifts you can make in order for you to help find more balance in your own life (24:15)
  • Why you need to understand that things work in “seasons” (26:39)
  • Focus on habits (35:27) & don’t forget to tell yourself the truth! (40:53)

I think this talk with Ella will show you that you can have it all – just maybe not at the same time. Thanks for listening to another episode of Your Kick-Ass Life!

Resources from this podcast:

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Ella’s podcast
Ella’s website

Ella is an Inspirational Speaker, a Personal Development Coach and the host of the popular On Air with Ella – a show about living better, starting now.  Ella’s favorite space is the intersection between wellness and personal development, and she loves helping people explore and accomplish more in both. She’s an entrepreneur, a successful business woman who’s founded three successful businesses, a mom, a wife and a triathlete. Learn more at https://www.onairella.com/.


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