Ass kickers!

Today I’m bringing you two things:

  1. I wrote you a poem and I perform it for you with sweaty palms on this podcast episode. It was VERY SCARY for me to do. I hope you like it. You can also read it below.
  2. Also in this episode I’m talking about WHY I wrote this book, what it’s about, how it will change your life, what it all has to do with shame, and where you can come and see me this January so I can give you a giant hug and we’ll take a selfie.

First, here is the poem I wrote you. (There’s a lot more context in the podcast episode, so even if you don’t regularly listen, you may want to tune in for this one…)

You are magnificent.
You, woman with listening to these words, stop what you are doing and let that sink in.
No matter what your inner-voice tells you.
No matter what the magazines say.
No matter what our cultures twists us to believe… you are magnificent.
When a woman finally realizes this it’s like seeing two lovers embracing each other at an airport.
It being too unbearably long that they have converged.
Your unembraced magnificence is waiting patiently for you.
It will wait as long as it needs to, whispering quiet invitations to your life.

Will you stop and listen?

If you pause long enough you can hear it calling you.
Breathless storms of light beckoning you home.
Home being that place of magnificence.
Your magnificence.

You, dear woman, hold more power than you know.
Maybe you’ve caught glimpses of it and it scared you.
Maybe you’ve let it out and someone else squashed it in their own fear.
Maybe you can feel it but deny it.
Maybe you’ve destroyed it before it could even rise up.

Please, I beg you.
Walk towards it.
It won’t hurt you.
It IS you.

You are magnificent.



Second, I talk a lot about what’s in How To Stop Feeling Like Shit: 14 Habits That Are Holding You Back From Happiness including the two main solutions. I mention a lot of links in this episode, so here you go:

Link to pre-order the book, as well as the place to claim your bonuses (use that same link if you’ve already pre-ordered but haven’t claimed your bonuses yet or signed up for the free book club!)
Share the book trailer here on Facebook.
If you know of a podcast you think I should be interviewed on, tell us here.
NYC book signing will be on January 6th. We don’t have a bookstore yet (coming soon!), but please sign up here to be notified about where and what time.
NYC workshop is here (space is VERY limited!)
Chicago book signing is here.
Chicago workshop is here.
San Diego book signing is here.
Portland book signing is here.
Greensboro, NC book signing is here.

I hope to see you in one of those cities, if not, I hope to see you in the free book club!


As you may– or may not– know, I have a new book coming out soon (in 31 days, but who’s counting?): How To Stop Feeling Like Shit: 14 Habits That Are Holding You Back From Happiness.

In it, I talk about the behaviors that you think are keeping you protected from things like criticism, judgement and shame– you know, behaviors like perfectionism, over-achieving, people-pleasing, hiding and numbing out. But, in reality, they’re making you feel like shit.

This book comes from 10 years of coaching, mentoring, and facilitating hundreds of women, and my own personal experiences. I kept seeing the same behaviors over and over again. They became part of the identities of women. And for many, these behaviors and habits worked…until they didn’t. That’s where this books comes in. ?

Many of you have asked how you can help with this project (thankyouverymuch). Here is a handy-dandy list of how to do so:

  • The biggest thing to help is that you can pre-order the book here. Don’t forget, when you pre-order, there are bonuses and chances to win prizes, you can read all about those here.
  • The book will also be available in audio format from Audible and other audiobook retailers. (I narrated it!)
  • You can share the fancy book trailer here.
  • You can share about the book using these images.
  • You can look at the habits and behaviors in your own life that aren’t serving you anymore and practice self-compassion. Because they’re all normal.
  • You can talk about HTSFLS to your friends, on your blog, newsletter, book club, wherever you hang out.
  • If you or someone you know has an established podcast, I’d love an introduction to them. My press kit is here.

Right now, that’s all I can think of and I can’t thank you enough for helping me.

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