For this episode I’m bringing back a repeat guest: the amazing Lori Harder! The first time Lori was here I really connected with her, and I felt like we had some unfinished conversation, which is why I’m so excited to do this today.

Lori uses the approach of mixing and matching both fitness and personal development, and she shares how failure and negativity will undoubtedly be a big part of your growth (and success).

You’ll hear how we all have personal fears that we’re working through, but it’s in his fear that opportunities can be revealed. Surrounding yourself with the like-minded people is key, and can you give the fresh perspective that you need.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • How Lori feels about negative people and her opinion on how it affects recovery (5 minutes and 52 seconds)
  • The real reasons why failures are NOT a bad thing! (10:02)
  • She explains the differences between making mistakes in private, and making them publicly for all to see (16:17)
  • Pick up the pieces of your “failures” and do this to move forward (18:50)
  • How Lori’s overachievement has led her to realize the importance of personal development (20:38)
  • What is the biggest tool that she has learned around fear (30:27)

Resources from this podcast:

Lori’s Website & Earn Your Happy Podcast
Her first appearance on YKAL
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Growing up in a tiny town in Upper Michigan with a strict religious upbringing, Lori was homeschooled and battled a family trend of obesity. Having overcome such challenges, Lori uses them to relate and teach others how to thrive regardless of their backgrounds. Through events, books, courses, tools and taking leaps into the unknown in all areas, she took massive action and chose to make choices that empowered her to live a life she now loves. Lori has since become a leader in the field of fitness, transformational work, mindfulness and self-love. She is a 10X Fitness Cover Model, Tedx Speaker, Fitness Expert, Transformational Coach and Speaker, Author and the creator of the women’s empowerment event The Bliss Project, which attracts thousands of women from all of the world each year. She offers a carefully curated set of practical tools from her own experiences to promote sustainable health, spiritual well-being and financial freedom.


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