If you’re a new podcast listener, you’ve found another recovery episode, where I have amazing conversations with women in recovery. Today’s guest is no exception! Tiffany Han is a writer, speaker, teacher and coach (as well as a fellow podcast host), and she has an interesting story of recovery.

You’ll see that not all problems are problems with a capital “P”, and listen to how Tiffany knew she needed to make changes before her drinking became a big problem.

It’s not just about quitting drinking, because you have to deal with your “shit” along with it.  Sobriety and recovery are two very different things, and you are always learning about yourself.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How this recovery series is helping Tiffany in her own life (9 minutes and 56 seconds)
  • The reasons that it had to be “all or nothing” for her when it came to drinking (12:11)
  • Like we’ve heard from other guests, the drinking was hiding or numbing other emotional issues for Tiffany (15:15)
  • “Addict” and “Alcoholic”….same or different? (21:57)
  • What recovery looks like now for her (28:17)
  • Are you trying to solve something else by drinking? (32:57)
  • Not drinking use to be a punishment for Tiffany, but now it’s this! (47:49)

Resources from this podcast:

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Tiffany Han is a writer, speaker, teacher, and coach whose work focuses on using the intersection of creativity and spirituality to help women design, build, and maintain the businesses of their dreams.

She's the host of two podcasts – Raise Your Hand Say Yes and How to be Remarkable – and is on a mission to build an army of highly-creative women who are ready to be leaders in this world and prove what's possible when we collectively raise our hands (and our voices) and say yes to going all in on our dreams.

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