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Today is another recovery episode with guest Arlina Allen. Today she shares how her career aspirations eventually led to issues with alcohol, how everything came to a head for her at age 25 and then how she was introduced to a 12-step program paving the way for her recovery.

Arlina has been clean and sober for 23 years and in her own journey, she was able to see the patterns that were holding her back. Along the way she’s discovered she wasn’t a victim and did indeed have the power to make the decisions that were best for her. Arlina now helps others as a host of her own podcast, The ODAAT Chat, and in this talk she reveals how she’s now able to pay it forward to help others battling addiction.

Like the other episodes in this series, even if you’re not struggling with addiction or in recovery, you probably know someone who is. That’s what these stories are for; it’s about shining the light on addiction and recovery and telling our stories. You’ll find out why quitting drinking is just a small part of the equation though, and that sobriety and recovery are two very different things.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Arlina realized her drinking had crossed the line (7 minutes and 38 seconds)
  • What to listen (and not listen) for at support meetings (13:50)
  • There are many types of alcoholism, but in each case it’s this that’s the same (14:45)
  • Sobriety is individual – and there are many different ways to get sober (23:48)
  • The way Arlina has been able to identify her own blind spots and grow in recovery (26:15)
  • Her quest to be better shines the light on the unlovable parts of herself (and others) (27:52)
  • What AA is all about and why Arlina has chosen not be anonymous with her own story (38:05)

Resources from this podcast:

Best Buddies International
The ODAAT Chat Podcast
A Course In Miracles
Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman
The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck
Johann Hari’s TED Talk – Everything you think know about addiction is wrong
The Anonymous People Documentary

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Arlina Allen is a Writer / Podcast Host of The ODAAT Chat Podcast. She has been free of addiction from drugs and alcohol for more than 23 years and has dedicated her life to helping others do the same. She has been married for 20 years and is a mother of two. Arlina is a lifelong seeker of truth and she shares lessons learned in her writings and podcast. For more information on: How to Break Free From Addiction For Good. Get your Free Sobriety Checklist! @ http://www.odaatchat.com


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