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This show is another recovery series episode, and as always, I’m so grateful to have these amazing conversations with women in recovery. Today is no exception, as I’m talking to Carly Benson. Carly has been sober from alcohol and cocaine since August 17th, 2008, and in this she shares her own path to addiction, and eventually her recovery.

A big part of what she talks about is the need to truly open up and be willing to do things differently, but first you’ll need to be honest with how you are feeling inside. This will allow you to process the things that are happening, but you’ll hear how we all wear addiction differently and it’s up to each one us to learn how to live an intentional life.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Carly came to admit to herself that her problems were more than just being a “party girl” (10 minutes and 19 seconds)
  • The miracle that led to her sobriety (15:39)
  • In her experience, trauma was a precursor to her addiction (21:35)
  • There are always going to be triggers, but here’s why it’s important not to isolate yourself (26:31)
  • When it comes to substances, moderation just isn’t going to work for everybody…(35:29)
  • The best way to help high-functioning addicts (38:19)

Resources from this podcast:

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Daring Greatly by Brené Brown
Rational Recovery by Jack Trimpey

Carly Benson is the impactful author behind the personal development blog, MiraclesAreBrewing.com.

She offers one-on-on coaching for recovery, hosts Regroup Podcast and the Bloom Club with Kelly Fitzgerald aka The Sober Senorita, runs a program called The Art of Intentional Living and also curates Om Vibes Only, which are alcohol free events inspiring conscious connection through the modalities of yoga, electronic music and meditation.

As an avid traveler, yogi and confessed self-help junkie, Carly writes about her adventures in life and sobriety, offering inspirational concepts on enlightenment, recovery, spirituality and having a miracle mindset. Her work has been featured on Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, Addiction Unscripted, DrugRehab.com, Foundations Recovery Network, The Recovery Village, Orlando Recovery Center and many other  outlets.

She works as Certified Life Coach and Yoga Instructor specializing in Sobriety and Faith coaching and has been sober from alcohol and cocaine since August 17, 2008. Her passionate charge with this work to come alongside others to help them find their own unique paths.

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