Welcome to another recovery series episode, and as we near the end of this season for these shows, our guest today, Lara Frazier, is sharing about her addiction to alcohol, pills, and love.

Lara explains how her own addiction issues came from trauma in her life that she didn’t know she had, and how she found that she could just distract herself by falling in love. She explains that ultimately, this wasn’t the best for her, and how she really came to understand what romantic love and intimacy was (and wasn’t).

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why Lara’s journey with addiction is a little bit different than most (3 minutes and 45 seconds)
  • What was revealed about herself when she was first trying to get sober and going into recovery (11:57)
  • Like for a lot of people facing addiction, this emotion overcame Lara (13:16)
  • How she analyzed her past romantic relationship history to move forward with her recovery – and loving herself (20:19)
  • The tough part with addiction actually comes when you have to put this away (28:32)

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Lara Frazier is a healer and truth-teller, a sobriety warrior, a writer, a speaker, and a pig mama. She is a FIERCE believer in the power of owning our stories and is a strong advocate for addiction recovery. Lara shares a story of healing: in sobriety, through addiction, in life and love, and in all the other big huge moments of fear and magic that we rarely talk about, but we should.

Lara Frazier lives in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area with her pig, Peaches. She received her MBA in Marketing & Global Business from Pepperdine University. After many years of working in the entertainment industry, Lara became addicted to prescription pills and left her career to seek help and find her truth.

Lara has worked in addiction recovery for the last four years.  Lara was the Co-Founder and Vice President of one of the top publications for addiction & recovery content and helped implement the strategic direction of the company. Currently, Lara is the Director of Marketing for Spring Gardens Detox.

Lara carries a powerful message to people in recovery about freedom, connection, empowerment, and healing. Lara continues to document her story of healing in the most authentic and vulnerable way she knows how; through her own eyes and with her whole heart.

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