For the month of February, I will be producing daily podcast episodes. You read that correctly ass-kickers – daily episodes are coming! The episodes will be shorter than the typical podcast format you are used to hearing.  Emails with short lessons will accompany them. If you want to be notified each time a daily episode is released in the month of February, sign up here. Okay, now let’s jump into this week’s episode!

I am so excited because my friend, Erin Stutland, joins me on the podcast this week.  Erin and I have known each other online “for-eva”!  She is a mind, body, wellness and fitness expert and the host and coach of the new weight-loss transformation television show Altar’d on Z Living.  We talked about getting unstuck, over-analyzing, how to stop being comfortable with feeling crappy, self-care practices and more.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Erin provide tips to help get unstuck, shift your perspective and become motivated (4 minutes and 10 seconds)
  • The “morning pages” concept, what it is and how to use it (6:13)
  • Biggest obstacles that prevent you from making your exercise routine a reality, plus advice for how to move past these challenges (11:18)
  • How to be more loving and kind to yourself (and what Peanut M&Ms has to do with it) (13:47)
  • The starting and stopping pattern with exercise routines (15:56)
  • Erin’s Soul Stroll Program, how to make the most of your daily walks by rewiring your thoughts (22:34)
  • Recommendations and tools to help quiet your inner critic and how acknowledging all parts of oneself will help with the process (27:49)

Resources for this podcast:
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Erin’s Website and Soul Stroll Program
Morning Pages Concept by Julia Cameron

Erin Stutland is a mind-body wellness and fitness expert, and the host and coach of the new weight-loss transformation TV show Altar’d on Z Living. Stutland is the creator of several mind-body fitness programs including her signature “Shrink Session” workout and “Soul Strolls”.

Erin has appeared on the Rachel Ray Show, Fox News, KTLA, Glamour Magazine, Shape, Yoga Journal, Real Simple, Reader’s Digest, US World and New Report, Weight Watchers Magazine and more. She has collaborated with thought leaders like NY Times best selling authors Kris Carr and Jessica Ortner helping to bring healthy movement to the masses. She is AFFA certified (along with training certs in several fitness programs) and holds a BFA in Dance and Kinesiology.

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