This week on the YKAL podcast, I am waaaay too excited to have my very dear friend, Lisa Daron Grossman join me. She is a phenomenal life coach (I know because she was my coach!), amazing human being, and creator of the Connection Cure Project. In this episode we discuss the Connection Cure, which is a cross country project that utilizes face to face connection as a catalyst for healing and wellness. Lisa shares how it was “born” out of chronic illness and isolation.

Plus, we discuss why it is so important that we are connected to one another now more than ever, answer whether or not some people need more connection than others and we chat about how engaging with strangers can be a good thing.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • A human engagement project born out of chronic illness and isolation (3:27)
  • Healing the body through micro moments of connection (9:26)
  • How people whom have friendships and partners can still feel massive sense of loneliness (12:15)
  • Why more than ever does it matter how we are connected? (15:47)
  • Do some of us need more connection than others? (25:38)
  • How a no judgment speakeasy in the Everglades enabled human connection (37:00)

Resources from this episode:
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Lisa’s website
The Connection Cure Tour

Lisa Daron Grossman is a practitioner of positive psychology, life coach, and the founder of the Connection Cure, a cross-country human engagement project that explores face-to-face connection as a catalyst for healing and wellness. Traveling to every state in America, Lisa hosts workshops that ignite the spirit, create conversation around the the healing potential of connection, and aims to de-stigmatize loneliness in our increasingly disconnected society. It is an invitation to put down the phone and engage in courageous conversations, with friends, family, and strangers, stepping back into humanity, alive, awake, and more connected.

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