I recently came across a video created by a young woman named Claire Wineman. Terminally ill with Cystic Fibrosis, she says that even though she’s going to die sooner than most and that no one can control the fact that their going to die someday, what can control is if we’re living a life we’re proud of. I LOVED this message because that’s also my mission. The mission of YKAL is two-fold. I help women feel less alone and help them create and live a life they are proud of.

So, how do we do this? What’s the path? Of course I don’t have all the answers, to all the things, but in my decade of experience helping women create lives their proud of and from walking through my own fire, creating a life I’m proud of, I think I have a handle on it. Here’s some questions I compiled to help you do this:

Do you know what your values are and what they look like?

Do you know what it means and looks like to have compassion for yourself? And do you practice it?

Do you know what it means to have compassion for others? (Because when we don’t, check what kind of expectations you have.

The expectations you have of others are often directly correlated to the expectations you have of yourself.)

Do you know where you need to set boundaries? Do you know how to do that?

Do you show up for the few people in your life that need you? Like really show up?

Want a print out of all these questions and space for
you to journal on them? Of course you do!

Click here to grab your worksheet!

Do you ALLOW people to show up for you? And when they do, do you show them ALL of you, not just “the facts”?

Do you take care of your physical body?

Do you feel your feelings or do you stuff them and numb them away?

Do you take care of your spirit?

Do you take care of your financial house?

Is there anything else you feel in your soul that you need to change that will make you proud of who you are?

Resources from this episode:
Claire Wineland’s My Last Days
Link for the Q & A Jam on August 28th at 3 pm (put the link in your calendar and just click it when it’s time!)
Andrea’s book, How To Stop Feeling Like Shit


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I’ve decided to hop on a video call on August 28th at 3pm Eastern time (noon Pacific). No need to sign up for anything, just put this link in your calendar and join me at that date and time! Plus, it costs ZERO dollars!

I’ll be answering your Q’s about the Mentorship as well as covering:

  • The four main topics to study in your life that will help you IMMENSELY with your confidence, relationships with others, and your general well-being.
  • What the process of shame resilience actually is.
  • The BIG surpriseI had in 2011 which made me change the course of my coaching practice and go in the direction I’ve stayed in all these years.

I love doing these live videos with you and sharing this work with you! Even if you don’t think The Mentorship is for you right now, you don’t want to miss this! Simply put this link in your calendar and click it when it’s time! (If you can’t be there live, go to the same link when you get a chance afterward.)

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