Diet culture and weight loss is really complicated. Following my episodes a few months ago on body image and diet culture with my good friend Kate Anthony, I was genuinely curious about what I may not know as it relates to diet culture, holistic nutrition and even the body positivity movement. I knew I had to ask an expert – all.the.things. And so, joining me this week is integrated health coach, host of the podcast Insatiable, and founder of Truce with Food®, Ali Shapiro.

Today, Ali shares candidly her journey to body acceptance in her twenties, many years following her battle with childhood cancer, weight issues (she had her first Weight Watchers weigh-in at age 11) and emotional eating. We also talk in-depth about the many layers of diet culture, self-sabotage, and the difference between being self-aware rather than self-critical.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Ali’s journey to body acceptance and how she got to where she is today (6 minutes and 32 seconds)
  • Ali’s view on diet culture and how she describes it as a product of patriarchy, white-supremacy, and capitalism (14:30)
  • Three patterns of conflict styles, self-sabotage and your inner-protector (21:46)
  • Vulnerability, belonging and how it relates to food/body struggles (32:01)
  • Listening to your body in a more methodical way (38:28)
  • The one question we need to ask when our mental food/body doubts creep in (44:54)

This episode is so rich with information, you may have to listen to it more than once.

And, as this episode airs, I am on the brink of hosting my first Daring WayLive Retreat in Asheville, NC. If you couldn’t make the live retreat, I am still accepting applications for The Mentorship which incorporates the Daring Way work. You can find informative links and other details for the Mentorship in the Resources section below.

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Ali is the founder of Truce with Food®, host of the top-ranked podcast Insatiable, a holistic nutritionist, integrated health coach and rebel with a serious cause. She’s academically, practically, and empathetically aware of how the medical system, diet culture and body positivity movements all have their own flavor of crazy.

She created her Truce with Food method while in graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania where she earned her Masters in Organizational Dynamics, which is like getting an MBA in the change process, where she drew from her decade plus of working with real life clients and her own personal healing journey from having cancer as a teenager.

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