I have a rich and amazing conversation with Rachel Foy for you this week on the YKAL Podcast. Rachel is an author, motivational teacher and the founder of the Soul Fed Woman. Rachel helps women overcome things like emotional eating, binge eating, and weight obsession. She helps them wake up and reclaim their lives so they are no longer missing from it. I am excited to bring you this topic today. But first, one quick note before we get started.

At the start of this episode,  I briefly share that I am gathering my thoughts on sexual assault all while trying to hold back my rage. I plan to talk about this tender topic in a future episode of Conversations About Shit that Matters with Unqualified People. Current events in our country, the #whyIdidntreport movement and the trauma many women have had to face, again, either due to reliving their own experiences or empathizing with that of another woman, is just too much. More on this topic will be coming soon. Okay, now back to today’s episode.

Today, Rachel and I talk about emotional eating and bringing awareness to your coping mechanisms. We also touch on the topics of body acceptance and fat-phobia. Plus, we talk about numbing out, making empowering choices, and some ways to overcome many issues women experience around food, diet culture and emotions.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What to do when you start feeding your feelings with food (8 minutes and 50 seconds)
  • Rachel’s own difficult journey with food obsession, eating disorders and dieting (10:32)
  • Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD): what it is and how it can show up (15:15)
  • Fat-phobic culture, preconceived perceptions, and breaking away from diet culture: stripping down fat-phobia (20:00)
  • How to be emotionally fed and become a soulfed women (21:45)
  • What to do if food is your only source of pleasure (26:17)
  • Why we choose to numb out and some ways how to overcome it (34:05)

Resources from this podcast:   
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Rachel’s Free Guide, How To Stop Fighting Food and Your Body
Rachel on Facebook and Instagram
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Hunger by Roxane Gay

Rachel Foy is an author, motivational speaker, soul work teacher + spiritual mentor and the founder of the Soul Fed Woman. She helps driven ambitious + successful women wake up + reclaim their lives so they are no longer missing from it. She takes them from feeling burnt out, floating in a sea of ‘to do’ lists and having no space for themselves to feeling more joy, happiness, connection and ease in both their lives + business whilst increasing their energy, getting their spark back and feeling like themselves again. She helps them become a Soul Fed Woman by showing them how to listen to their inner wisdom, connect to their intuition and give themselves permission to feed their hungry souls.

With close to 10 years of personal and professional experience, she combines science, therapy, psychology and spirituality allowing her clients the highest level of transformation possible.

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