Episode 284: Let’s Talk About LOVE with Kira Sabin - Your Kick-Ass Life



Hey ass kickers! I'm happy to bring you today’s podcast episode with guest, Kira Sabin. Kira is a positive psychology practitioner and a certified life coach. She is obsessed with having bigger conversations around love and relationships; annnnd, Kira is a real life friend of mine, which means I am EXTRA excited to share this episode with you. This week we are talking about relationships, Kira’s area of expertise. But wait, even if you aren’t partnered, stick with us. The conversation we're having today doesn't matter if you are partnered or if you are single. This episode is for everyone because all humans are in some kind of relationship and are deserving of love. In this episode we discussed love and what it actually is (or can be), the knowledge that love is for everyone and how to overcome feelings of unworthiness. In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What nobody teaches us about love and why Kira doesn’t believe in love at first sight (7:28)
  • The knowledge that love is for everyone, why many don’t feel worthy of love and how to shift that thinking (14:07)
  • How attached people can be wonderful for their single friends (20:05)
  • Life lessons from Kira: one of Kira’s biggest regrets and the best piece of advice she’s didn’t take and had to learn the hard way (23:56)
  • Family of origin and being taught how you learned to love (32:59)
  • Why the missing piece to relationships is vulnerability (40:02)

Resources mentioned in this episode: Support the Podcast, Become a YKAL Patron Kira’s website Episode 21: Bullshit Love Advice with Kira Sabin Pulp (NON) Fiction with Kira and Amy Kids Incorporated The Five Love Languages Getting the Love You Want Keeping The Love You Find Kira is one-part unicorn (actual genetics, look it up), one-part sweary fairy godmother and all-parts devoted to helping single women realize that they are not fucked up, broken or unlovable. As a positive psychology practitioner and a certified coach for the past 11 years she is obsessed with having the bigger conversations around love and relationships. The ones that nobody else is having … but everyone should. To learn more about Kira and her work visit her website. Right click to download the .mp3 badge_itunes-lrg Listen to Stitcher Subscribe Google Play

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