This week’s episode has been a long time coming. It all started back in 2016, following the presidential election. At the time, I realized I needed to take a step back and unlearn a lot of the things that I had learned as a young adult. I needed to look at many important things through a new lens and figure out what I could do with my platform that's helpful to those that follow me. The thing is, if you’re “doing” personal development (whether you’re a student, teacher, or both), the topic of social justice matters. The end.  

I spent a decent amount of time conversing with people, reading, and listening to podcasts about societal justice, the patriarchy, and race relations, all in an attempt to understand, at a deeper level, the world that surrounds me. One of the people I’ve been learning from is Dr. Tee Williams. Dr. Tee is an educator, consultant, and writer residing in Los Angeles. His passion is helping people and organizations transform themselves so that together we can collectively transform the world.

The online world of social justice can be very confusing and overwhelming, am I right?

What can we do?
Who do we learn from?
Where do we start?
What does social justice mean?
And, what does liberation mean?

These words and phrases get thrown around so much. And the reality is, a lot of us don't know what they actually mean or look like. Dr. Tee is here this week to help us sort it out and make sense of it all. And y’all, he teaches with such grace and a great sense of humor. He is a great pleasure, I am sure you will agree!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What we can do and why should we do it when it comes to standing up for social justice (6:57)
  • The importance of using your brilliance and critical thinking in the evaluation and the incorporation of information being shared in media, online and in the world around you (10:30)
  • What liberation means, the critical liberation theory, and liberation as a framework and philosophy (15:09)
  • The difference between calling in versus calling out (46:45)
  • Doing the work to come back from saying or doing homophobic, heterosexist or racist comments or acts (47:16)
  • Unpacking feelings of hurt, oppression and injustice so you can learn and move forward (51:26)

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Dr. Tee Williams' website
Foundations of Social Justice
Critical Thinking of Social Justice
Navigating the Online Social Justice Space
Dr. Tee on Instagram
Everyday Action Facebook Group
Beyond Guilt, Beyond Shame: White People Processing Racism
White Fragility, Robin DiAngelo

Dr. Tee is an educator, consultant and writer residing in Los Angeles, California. His passion is helping people and organizations transform themselves so that together we can collectively transform the world. He loves Pitbulls and Sci-Fi and testing new recipes in the kitchen – but he hates doing dishes. In his free time you can find him wondering why his beard looks so huge on camera and figuring out how to indulge his off-season craving for Tangelos. You can see what Dr.Tee is up to at www.imdrtee.com. Feel free to follow him as he attempts to learn how to use Instagram at @imdrtee.

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