Ass kickers, get ready because this is one topic I’ve not only never heard of until recently, but not one that I would think would be so awesome. Joanne Amaya Cohen is my guest and she is an expert on balancing your hormones and flower essences. What are flower essences you say? Well, you’re about to find out.

Joanne and I were connected through a mutual friend and when I visited her website, I was absolutely fascinated with her work and how she helps women. I knew I just HAD to get her on the podcast! Here’s what goes on in today’s episode:

  • Joanne tells us the type of women that come to work with her (because I thought maybe they’re hippies? Maybe they're new-agey spiritual witches?) and as it turns out, they are women who are stuck, overwhelmed, have past and present woundings, and reproductive challenges. Pretty much any woman in the world.

  • Joanne also lets us know what she does with these particular women when they come to her for help.

  • I ask her what the heck ARE flower essences anyway, how they work, and how they help women? I LOVE her answer here– it’s fascinating! (I don’t know, maybe I’ve lived under a rock about this? I didn’t know this existed??)

  • I was curious about “feminine wounding” and asked her about it. Joanne tells us her checklist she uses to see if a woman’s issue she is facing has a root cause in feminine wounding, so you can listen and see if you relate (I thought “feminine wounding” only meant sexual abuse or trauma. It doesn’t only mean that.)

  • Joanna gives us a case study of a woman she worked with who had a chronic vaginal itch for EIGHT YEARS (!!!) and how she helped her tap into the emotional root, helped her with flower essences, and cured her itch.

I hope you found this interview as curiosity inducing as I did, ass kickers! I love learning new modalities to healing because each and every one of us is different and deserves to get the healing they need!

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Joanne Ameya Cohen is an Expert Herbalist, Inspirational Speaker, Feminine Empowerment Mentor, and author of the upcoming book “The Healthy Feminine Leader: Alleviate Stress, Balance Your Hormones, and Tap Into Your Power”.

Joanne combines her expertise as a Certified Women’s Herbalist, a Certified Flower Essence Therapist, a Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, PSYCH-K facilitator, Counselor, and Shamanic Practitioner to facilitate hormonal and reproductive health for women from the inside out.

Also working as a Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Midwife Assistant, Joanne has supported hundreds of women in their most profound and intimate life-changing moments. She has humbly held space for women to face their fears, worries, anxieties, and joys in order for them to birth themselves as Mothers.

Joanne has been “Schooled” in the ways of Woman over the last 14 years in private practice and humbly teaches all she has learned. You can find out more and download her free tips on nourishing your feminine mind, body, and soul by clicking here.

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