As soon as I met this week’s guest, I knew I had to have her on the podcast. That is why I am thrilled to introduce you to Jessica Graham. She is a spiritual and sexual activist, author of the book, Good Sex: Getting Off without Checking Out, meditation teacher, and sex and intimacy guide. I first met Jessica when we had a chance meeting, in a cab, in Holland. I am so glad that the universe aligned and put us into each other’s orbit. 

At the time of our meeting, I had been feeling the pull to do some inner work around the areas of sex and sexuality. I knew I needed someone to help guide me. Jessica’s message resonated with me, we shared a lot of things in common, and to make a long story short, we’ve been working together since the Spring. She’s my sexuality doula and she’s been enormously helpful.

Today we talk about shame, the messaging we receive as a children about sex and sexuality, and what that all means. We also talk about the common struggle women face when it comes to their feelings around sex. Plus, Jessica shares how the combination of affirmation and mindfulness can help with sex and intimacy. My hope is that our conversation will encourage you to explore inner work around your own sexuality and spiritual awakening. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • About Jessica and her work, and how she is a sex coach who is more than a sex coach (13:00)
  • The struggles and shame around the topic of sex and sexuality (15:36)
  • What brought Jessica to her work as a sexuality, relationship, and self-love guide (19:52)
  • Sexuality inventory: what it is and what’s the purpose (23:00)
  • The most common struggle women face around sexuality and how Jessica helps with the desired outcome (30:00)
  • Why self-compassion is so important to any kind of personal development work (47:00)

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Resources mentioned in this episode:
Jessica’s website
Jessica’s book, Good Sex: Getting Off without Checking Out

Jessica Graham is a spiritual and sexual activist, author, meditation teacher, and sex and intimacy guide. Her love of spirituality began when she was just a tiny wild child. For her 6th birthday she wanted everyone to hold hands and meditate and she could often be found in the woods communing with nature.

Jessica is an award-winning actor and filmmaker. Through her multi-passionate life, Jessica hopes to model that you can be all the things. She believes that we humans are wild and mysterious and deserve to flaunt our spots and our stripes.

After a series of awakenings that radically shifted her paradigms, Jessica dedicated herself to helping others awaken. Her take on spiritual awakening is that it is a wild never-ending story that unfolds moment by moment. She doesn’t believe that there is a graduation date or a final perfect state.

Jessica also has a great passion for exploring sexuality and helping others heal, evolve, and awaken sexually. Her interest in sexuality has been lifelong and she draws on years of experience when working with clients. She is the author of Good Sex: Getting Off without Checking Out, now available wherever books are sold.

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