Today I have a Conversation About Shit That Matters With Unqualified People (CASTMWUP as we call it over here). But, this time my guest/friend is qualified to talk about today’s topic on diversity and inclusion. CASTMWUP episodes are less interviews and more conversations between friends. 

I assume people who listen to my podcast are those willing to engage in this conversation about race. I am not a race educator, but Jessica Sharp is. She has a Master’s of Public Affairs from the University of Missouri and is currently a student at William James College where she is obtaining a Doctorate in Leadership Psychology. Her work experience includes work in the non-profit sector and work in diversity & inclusion. My hope is that white women listen to Black voices who are race-educators, especially Black women. Because none of us are free until we’re all free. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Jessica shares how she is doing in this moment of racial tension and her journey regarding race and racial issues as a Black woman. (5:04)
  • Why white people shouldn’t call upon their Black friends to learn about and understand racial issues. (10:00)
  • How Andrea and Jessica got to this point of their journey around race, diversity, and anti-racism work. (12:16)
  • Why social justice and anti-racism work induces shame. (19:13)
  • For white women who want to go deeper, expand their knowledge regarding race and equity, we discuss some ways to get started. (56:22)
  • Dismantling your own racism is the hardest work you will ever do. (45:24)
  • What personal development has to do with anti-racism work. (58:18)

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Jessica’s website
Jessica’s Women's Equity & Justice Group
Brené Brown’s recent podcast episode with Austin Channing Brown
Sonya Renee Taylor on Instagram
Monique Melton on Instagram
Rachel Cargle on Instagram / Patreon
How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi
Conversations About Shit That Matters with Unqualified People: On White Supremacy and Unconscious Biases
Co-conspired Conversations: Girl You Betta Apologize, The Problem with Rachel Hollis
What We Should Know About Social Justice with Dr. Tee Williams
Self-Reflection and Unpacking Unconscious Biases with Leesa Renee Hall
Chicago Book Store link where I got Austin Channing Brown book
Just Mercy
Rising Strong, Brené Brown
Braving the Wilderness, Brené Brown
The New Jim Crow

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