Happiness. It’s 2020 and I have a feeling that many of us could use a dose of that. Right? Well, you’re in luck because Kim Strobel, happiness coach, joins me to talk about how to be happier. Happiness isn’t always born from unicorns and rainbows. In fact, you’ll hear how Kim’s happiness coaching was born out of her own trauma, darkness, and suffering. 

Together we discuss toxic positivity, why turning off negative feelings isn’t helpful, and the importance of putting your happiness first. Kim also shares some of the happiness habits we can practice in order to increase happiness levels. Finally, we also explore the Arena of Bigness, what it means, and how to step into the Arena with courage and do really hard things. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Kim opens up about her struggle with mental illness and what that looks like in her life now. (5:20)
  • Why today’s culture of positivity and the conventional formula for happiness is wrong. (21:30)
  • Putting your happiness and wellbeing at the forefront is of the utmost importance. (23:54)
  • We all have a set baseline happiness default. Kim talks about how we can work to retrain the brain to feel happy even when struggling through tough times. (26:47)
  • How somebody who feels as though they are living a small life can step out of that and into the Arena of Bigness. (42:08)

Resources mentioned in this episode:
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Kim Strobel is transforming education and helping teachers bring creativity, innovation, excitement, and achievement back into the classroom.

She’s an education consultant, well-versed in best-practice strategies. But she’s also a teacher, so she knows what it takes to implement real change—and that a lot of professional development fails to deliver. That’s why her workshops and other teacher training opportunities focus on reinvigorating teachers’ purpose and passion, empowering them to step back into their classrooms with confidence and courage.

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