I am doing something I have never done in any podcast episode. For the first time, I am bringing you an interview I did on another podcast, where someone interviewed me. My dear friend Rebecca Ching has a podcast called The Unburdened Leader. It was such a fantastic conversation and I am so grateful that she said, “Yes,” when I asked her if I could air it for my listeners.

We talked about a lot of hard things, including grief and addiction.  On 9/27, I celebrated nine years of sobriety and recovery from alcoholism. It is something we talked about in this particular episode. I share how commitment to my values helped me maintain my continued healing and sobriety and how grief nearly brought me out of recovery. 

In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • My addiction to alcohol and what it symbolized.
  • Why I needed to understand and heal my traumas in order to fully unburden the last of my addictions.
  • Perfection, control, and overachieving worked until it didn’t. Drinking worked for a while until it didn’t. 
  • The role community plays in my sobriety.

Resources mentioned in this episode:
YKAL Recovery Series
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Rebecca’s website and podcast
Rebecca on YKAL podcast- Episode 61
Dare to Lead by Brene Brown

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