Finding joy when a difficult relationship ends is possible. This week, Liza Harper, a life redesigner, joins me to talk about finding joy and clarity through relationships and life’s transitions. She’s a life and divorce coach who seeks to empower women to unleash their desires. 

We discuss some ways you can infuse joy into your life. Liza opens up about the personal development work she did for herself and how it led her to do the work she does today.  Plus, we explored fear, shame, and stigma surrounding failing relationships.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Liza helps her clients find joy in the next chapter of their lives. (5:02)
  • Why it always works out when you bet on yourself. (14:42)
  • Ignoring your intuition during a difficult past relationship. (26:02)
  • Fear and shame women may experience following a relationship with a narcissist. (35:04)

Resources mentioned in this episode:


Photography by Jodi LynnLiza Harper is an NYC born and Phoenix living Life + Divorce Coach, Mom of 3, who wants to empower every woman to find clarity through divorce and redesign their lives from the inside out. She empowers women to unleash their inner desires and Live Life by their OWN Design!She is a successful corporate coach, trainer, and designer for the last 15 years in many fields including Fashion and Interior Design where she has designed 100’s of spaces. As we live in comfort in our outward surroundings, being comfortable with the pieces of us that lie inside is just as important. Her expertise lies in understanding how to clear the clutter and breath new life into the new with purpose and passion. This goes for us as humans too! She has merged these skills with her life experience through divorce to create Live By Design, LLC.

LBD was born out of Liza’s passion for wanting to create a place to empower women forward to live their life without resistance. It is a place to encourage women to be independent, strong, and courageous- to be the BOSS of their own lives. Her mission is to help every woman unleash their desires and divorce differently, amicably, and to provide knowledge and support for women to find clarity through their relationships and transitions, especially surrounding divorce.

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