What do henna, legacy, and living unapologetically all have in common? They are just some of the facets that make up Chelsea Stevenson’s work. Chelsea joins me this week for a conversation about the power in legacy. 

Chelsea is a professional henna artist, business strategist, and homeschooling mother of three. During our time together, we discussed a variety of topics including her motivation for building a table rather than taking a seat at an existing one, and honoring your values. She offered poignant takeaways, including this one, “The decisions we make, the actions we take, and the words we say are powerful. And, we have to own how they impact the world around us.”

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • A brief history of henna and its use as a medium to create art. (4:47)
  • Why Chelsea’s motivation is to build her own table instead of taking a seat at a table that already exists. (7:26)
  • The power in the legacy we leave and why it is important. (8:23)
  • Living unapologetically and honoring your values. (21:58)
  • How Chelsea went from a social worker to a Hennapreneur. (26:56)
  • Struggling with negative self-talk and negativity bias. (33:05)
  • Steps to stand in your authority and position yourself as the artist/entrepreneur/changemaker you want to be in this world. (36:55)

Resources mentioned in this episode:
Chelsea’s website
The Writing Experience with Amy Ahlers and Andrea Owen
Episode 352: What Holds Women Back in the Workplace with Sara Laschever

Chelsea Stevenson is a professional henna artist, business strategist, and homeschooling mother of three. She employs henna as her medium for encouraging self-celebration and empowerment at her five-star henna boutique based in Baltimore, MD, and teaches henna artists and other creative, niche service-based entrepreneurs around the world how to build vibrant, profitable businesses doing what they love (and getting paid more for it!) through her online brand, Hennapreneur, with a focus on brand positioning, sustainability, and the unapologetic outward living of one’s values. She believes above all things that there is power in the legacy we leave — and that this legacy is built every single day. When she’s not working with her clients and students, you can find her shamelessly indulging in a good Netflix binge with a craft mocktail in hand or daydreaming about her next big move.

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