This week I am exploring a new modality for personal development with guest Laura Gevanter. Laura is a PSYCH-K® Facilitator, an Intuitive Alignment Coach, Pendulum Healing Practitioner and Home Space/Energy Clearer. In this episode, she explains what PSYCH-K is and how it can be used to energetically align your mind, body, and soul into a version you’ve always desired. 

Laura has been studying brain science, quantum physics, spirituality, and the law of attraction for most of her life. She is innately curious about people, nature, life and how it's all connected.
I love learning about different modalities for personal development (and I’m sure you do too!) and the work that Laura does is fascinating.  

In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • PSYCH-K: what it is and how it works. (5:49)
  • Why PSYCH-K is unique and how is it different from other transformational modalities. (10:04)
  • Benefits to health issues and healing. (27:15)
  • How PSYCH-K helps with worthiness and money issues. (30:19)
  • It takes courage to decide to make changes in your life. (32:26)
  • Home-space clearing and energy alignment: what it is and why it matters. (35:54)

Resources mentioned in this episode:
Laura’s website


Laura Gevanter is a PSYCH-K® Facilitator, an Intuitive Alignment Coach, Pendulum Healing Practitioner and Home Space/Energy Clearer. She has been studying brain science, quantum physics, spirituality, and the law of attraction for most of her life. She is innately curious about people, nature, life and how it's all connected. Animal lover, photographer and racewalking enthusiast. She has a Psychology degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Life Coaching Certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching in New York City. She has completed the Basic, Advanced and Health & Wellness PSYCH-K™ training.

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Laura 00:00
People always think, oh, this subconscious it's, you know, they think of Freud. No, it's dark, and don't go there. No, actually your subconscious can be your best friend. If only we understood this and know how to work with it.

Andrea 00:12
You're listening to Make Some Noise Podcast episode number 416 with guest, Laura Gevanter.

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All right, such an interesting topic we have today. My friend and colleague Laura is here. And she and I have known each other on the interwebs for so long and I finally got around to asking her to be on the show. She is a practitioner of modality that is so fascinating to me, you'll hear me ask a million questions trying to figure out exactly what it is, but I love I love learning about different modalities for our personal development, so I know that you're going to really enjoy this conversation.

Alright, here's a little bit about Laura, for those of you that don't know her. Laura Gevanter is a Psych K facilitator and intuitive alignment coach, pendulum healing practitioner and home space energy clearer. She has been studying brain science, quantum physics, spirituality, and the law of attraction for most of her life. She is innately curious about people nature, life, and how it's all connected. Animal lover, photographer and racewalking enthusiast, she has a psychology degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and life coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching in New York City. She has completed all the basic advanced and health and wellness Psych K trainings. So without further ado, here is Laura.

Laura, welcome to the show.

Laura 05:04
I'm so happy to be here, Andrea.

Andrea 05:06
I am so excited to talk to you about this because you and I have known each other online casually, we had this casual relationship for like a decade, and never formally gotten to have a conversation. And aside from that, I'm so fascinated with the work that you do. Over here on the show I like to give people a wide variety of modalities for them to choose from to help their lives and you do some things A, that I've never even heard of something that sounds so awesome. So let's start there because, so you are certified and do work in something called Psych K. I don't even know if I'm pronouncing it right. Is that correct?

Laura 05:47
Yes, it is Psych K.

Andrea 05:49
So what is that and how does it work?

Laura 05:50
And you're not the only one, by the way who's never heard of this. It's one of those things where it's like, psych, what? Psychotic? No, it's not psychotic. Psych K actually stands for a key to the psyche, and it is a way to communicate directly with the subconscious mind.

Andrea 06:07
Oh my gosh, okay.

Laura 06:07
So it's a really, really interesting, amazing modality that I discovered. I had actually heard about it for about 10 years, to be honest with you. I was like, Okay, now I'm kind of interested. But but it wasn't enough to like maybe really seek it out. What really prompted me to really look into it further was Dr. Bruce Lipton, have you heard of him?

Andrea 06:18
I think so. Yes. Okay.

Laura 06:21
So he wrote The Biology of Belief, he wrote all these books on brain science, very well respected. And he was talking about how it changed his life and there's science to back it up. And he's a firm believer in this, and I said, okay, I gotta check this out. And I looked into it, and I said, you know what, I'm just gonna do it, I'm going to jump in and do the training. And it was one of those things where the first day of the training, I said, oh my God, I found my thing. You know, and I've been doing life coaching for years, and loved that and felt very similar way in the beginning of my training for that as well. But this was taking it to a new level. This is a modality I can use with clients, to get them the results they want, you know, it kind of took a lot of the, quote unquote, homework from them and it gave him something to kind of cut to the chase, if you will. I mean, that's, that's kind of like how I see it.

Andrea 07:18
This fascinates me on a personal level, because well, I just want to pause and say, I think that those of us in helping professions who might start out with, you know, the therapy route, or social work, or life coaching, that's great for a little while, and then we evolve and do our own work personally and start to work with all kinds of different clients with different challenges that they have. And then we're ready for for some other kind of training. That's how I felt when I did Brené Brown's training around shame resilience, because if you'd asked me 10 years prior to that, I would have thought you were bananas for thinking I was going to do shame work, get out of here. But one of one of the things that my therapist said to me recently, which stuck with me, as she said, human beings, oh shoot, something like human beings are…we're walking around with a bundle of unconscious reactions. And I thought that was so interesting and I wrote it down. And so I'm looking at that page on your website, and it says “scientific research has shown that at least 95% of our life is automatically operated by our subconscious without us knowing it”. What?

Laura 08:25
Isn't it right? Scary stuff. And we don't know this. That's the thing. And people always think all the subconscious, it's, you know, they think of Freud, no, it's dark. And don't go there. No, actually, your subconscious can be your best friend. If only we understood this and know how to work with it. And then this is the part that's really, really important, and really, really fascinating, too, is that our subconscious is like a computer. It's a computer that gets programmed from say birth to seven years old. Actually, some say it's even in utero, it could be you know, depending on what the mother is experiencing. You are basically in a theta state, a meditative state where you're just like a sponge, soaking up everything that you're experiencing, you're hearing, you're witnessing, you're being told from so just say one to seven years old. It's being programmed like a computer. That's also when you make decisions about yourself, about your life, about the world. Is it a safe place is a dangerous place? Am I worthy? Am I not? Were they? Can I do this? Can I not do this?

Andrea 09:26
People are safe and unsafe?

Laura 09:29
Yes, exactly. So we don't even know what's been programmed unless we actually go and take a look. And that's what people find really scary. And it's actually a really fascinating process. And it's not scary at all, because the good news is, is that you can change that. You can literally delete a belief, you can transform a stressful experience or a trauma from your past. You can do that very simply. And then you can actually replace it with a belief that's going to serve you as opposed to disempower you. This

Andrea 10:01
sounds like hypnotherapy. Is it similar or different?

Laura 10:04
No, not at all. I'll tell you one of the reasons why Psych K is so unique and it's such a perfect example. I'm so glad you brought that up. So Psych K is called a ‘do with process’ not a ‘do too’. Okay? So hypnotherapy is a ‘do to’ process, which means someone, the hypnotherapist, is doing this to you. They are hypnotizing you. Yes, can you resist and not be, you know, go under the hypnotic spell? Of course. But most people that agreed to do this, they don't know, which means you have to have complete and total trust in the hypnotherapist that they have your best interest, okay? With Psych K, and this is what I love about this process. And this is we're going to get into the little woowoo part. Okay, so fasten your seat belt, we don't do anything inside, okay, without getting your permission. And it's further permission from your superconscious that it is safe and appropriate to make this change. I always get goosebumps when I say this.

Andrea 11:04
I'm already to say I'm ready to sign up, like don't take all my money.

Laura 11:09
Well, that's how I felt when I did this training. I said, oh my God, why isn't everybody doing this? Like the entire world needs to know this and do this and so that's that's the beauty about this is that all I… That's why we're called facilitators, and we're not called therapists, we're not called healers, we're not called you know, any other of those terms that you hear we're called facilitators. I am facilitating this process, which means there's a really beautiful word that they use as part of the explaining the Psych K is it's a situation called Assume Attack, which is I think it's the Inuit tribe, some Canadian, it's an indigenous tribe. Assume Attack means holding a sacred space for wisdom to be revealed. Okay? It's your wisdom. I am facilitating I'm creating this space for your wisdom, your superconscious that's knows best for you to be revealed. Which is really beautiful. Because I'm just here holding the space. I'm facilitating, I'm going through the whole protocol with you, but you're gaining wisdom from yourself. And I just loved that because I have this like, really kind of weird thing about oh, I mean, I will never call myself a healer. You know? I'm just one of these people that I believe we're all our own healers, and we just have helpers. We have people that that, yeah, guides, helpers. We have people that come in that maybe facilitating this work, but it's we have the power actually to heal ourselves. And you know, we just need, we just need some help sometimes.

Andrea 12:43
Okay, is it similarly along the lines of having your Akashic Records opened and read?

Laura 12:50
No, it's not something that I've always been fascinated to do.

Andrea 12:57
I've had it done before. It was very interesting.

Laura 13:01
I really want to do that. Since I haven't had that done, I really can't speak to it, but, let me tell you what it is. There are different protocols that you use, and the way we communicate through to with the subconscious is through muscle testing. Okay. Now the cool…

Andrea 13:15
My therapist has done that.

Laura 13:19
Okay, so the cool thing is, that's, that's great. That's a very progressive, I like that. I like hearing that.

Andrea 13:22
Well, she uses AIT advanced integrative therapy, which sounds like it might be similar to what you do

Laura 13:28
could be I mean, if it's using muscle testing, it's tapping into the same, you know, energetic response. So…

Andrea 13:34
It just it was basically to see how ready I am to do this.

Laura 13:37
Yeah, very cool. I love that. So what's really cool about this is that of course, I see clients in person you muscle test, but the advanced level of this work is I can do remote work, which means I actually muscle test on myself on your behalf. And that's something called serigation. And what I'm doing is I'm getting permission from your superconscious that it's okay for me to muscle test for you. This is how I do on my remote sessions. And I'm and all of a sudden, muscle test my name, it'll be weak I muscle test ‘my name is Andrea’ it'll be strong. So all that I'm really doing, and this is just straight on quantum physics., this is the woowoo, but this is actually scientific, is we're tapping into the energy field. So Psych K has its own energy field. And I'm, you know, I pull information in but so when you and I working together, and I'm serigating for you, I'm just tapping into your energy field. That's all it is. And it sounds insane, and if I hadn't witnessed this myself, and I hadn't had a million clients witnessed the same thing. I would say, okay, lord, you've lost me there.

Andrea 14:41
Yeah, it's bananas. Well, and it's fascinating to me, I think, too, because as I've told my audience, I spent nearly a year starting right when COVID hit I hired a new therapist. I went I went down into the darkness like many people did, and felt like I was finally ready to do some true trauma coaching around my family of origin stuff as well as my first marriage and divorce, which was directly related because of my behaviors in that in that marriage. And I had to have several just talk therapy sessions with this particular therapist before I trusted her enough to do this somatic work. And she did, she did some muscle testing. And the reason I will believe you is because there were moments where we're doing the somatic work, and even just months prior to that, I did not feel like I was ready to dive deep into this work but when I was doing the work with my therapist, and I told her afterwards, because she would debrief with me, and I said, I felt like my highest self is here in the room with me and she is cheering me on and extremely confident that we're getting somewhere. Like she's been ready for a while. And it's my scared child-self who's been holding back and resisting and it was the strangest feeling. And it was one of those like, I gotta be careful who I tell that to because they would be like, your highest what? But it did. It felt like this other energy in the room, almost angelic. And I can tell you the color and the feeling, and it was it was strange, but also very safe and calm. It was interesting. So again, this is why I believe the work that you do.

Laura 16:22
So here's a really cool thing about this is that so they're called balances. That's what the process is called a balance. And the reason is, is that you're getting into a hole, I assist you in getting into a whole brain state where the right and left hemispheres in the brain are connected, they're speaking to each other, okay, which means that you the subconscious is less resistant to accepting new information. Okay, so there's a couple of different ways we get into the whole brain state. What's so amazing about it is that the balance, the basic balances, they're like, 10 minutes long. And it's like, you can get rid of a limiting belief, you can transform a traumatic situation from your past, or a stress trigger, in 10 to 15 minutes, and it's gone.

Now, you know, me disclaimer here. That doesn't mean you're done. Like, okay, great, see ya, thanks, Laura. No, of course, there are situations where you do multiple balances. Of course, there is integration period. Of course, you may want to, you know, you can go much deeper. But the balance itself, are there quick, the quick, you're getting in, it's like doing a little deleting the program, putting a new one in hitting save. Okay, good. You know, that's like the magic of this. So in a session with somebody I could do, you know, of course, depending on, you know, how deep we get into stuff. You know, I could do 3, 4, 5, 6 balances within an hour session. And it's like, sometimes that's all somebody needs. And I'm just like, whoa. You know, that's rare that that is rare, that someone's gonna go okay, I'm good. Because usually, we'll go deeper.

And usually, and I'm sure you find this as well, in your work. It's, it's never the thing that the person thinks it is. It's always like, what's just underneath that? And then once you open it up, and you discover, oh, my God, look what's here. That's when people have the moment of oh my god, there's like, how could I not have seen that? And now oh, my God, like, you're giving them a gift in a way and then they're just like, wow, wow, what else can we find? Like, this is fun. That is fun. Yeah, it is fun. I mean, it's not traumatic work. It's not like primal scream. It's not like, you know, there is a lot of work that that that's heavy. Listen, I'm not gonna kid you. There are there are tears. There are like, you know, there are times when it's just like when you're going through something, but then it's, it's gone. You're moving energy. And that's one of the things that is so important with this work is that so many times it's just blocked energy. It's an emotion that's been attached to a past experience that gets trapped in the body.

Andrea 19:05
Okay,say that part again. It's an emotion…

Laura 19:06
It's an emotion. Okay, so let's just let's just pick a traumatic experience that happened when you were young when you were very young. Okay, so something happened to you. So your subconscious doesn't want you to ever get in that situation again, and you probably did not have the tools at that time to deal with it. So what do we do we repress it, put it away and want to deal with it. I'm going to, let's just store it here. Okay, let's just store it in my lower back. And then people will wonder, you know, yeah, I've had this lower back pain for a really long time I've gone to a chiropractor, I've gone to this doctor, no one could figure out what it is. Actually, this literally happened. I'm just thinking now that I'm telling you this. I did have a client, someone who she was referred to me but by somebody else, and oh, I've had this recurring back pain forever, and I've gone to everyone and they don't know what it is. And she came to see me and we discovered it and we just need your major stuff with her mother. They're like, a shame kind of stuff. And we basically did a bunch of work around it. And this rarely happens, I will tell you that I got a text message two days later saying, my back pains gone, gone, and I keep waiting for it to….and it hasn't returned. Once you can move that energy or find out what it is. And the subconscious is going to tell you, Okay, it's this. So then what we do is we do balances around it. They may be new beliefs, they may be transforming the perception of this past trauma. So it's just an event that happened, we're removing the emotional component of it, where it got attached to it. And in this whole brain state, we're kind of like changing the perception of the past experience. So now, it's just something that happened to you in your past. And there's no, there's no trigger. There's no trauma attached to it. And what the crazy thing that happens, and I can speak from personal experience, because one of the beautiful things about Psych K is that I can do bounces with myself.

Andrea 21:00
Oh, how convenient.

Laura 21:01
It is fabulous, let me tell you. But the cool thing happens is that all of a sudden, you'll realize one day, you've had the thought, and you're not triggered anymore, and you're like what? And then you're like, like, who am I? Like, wait a minute, what do you mean, I'm not worried about how I'm gonna pay my rent next month? What do you mean, I don't care? Like what? And then you're just like, you realize, oh, my God, something's different. That's the really, really cool thing I've experienced myself personally, like, Whoa, it doesn't bother me anymore. I don't care.

Andrea 21:35
And that's the goal that I brought to my therapist. And she asked me like in one of our first sessions, and I said, I want to just remove the charge from this. And it's not like we can have a lobotomy and have the memories erased. And that's what I wanted. I didn't want it to feel like I was being bulldozed anymore. And what's also interesting is you were talking about the, the energies moving through your body. And it's, you know, because we something happens, we push it down. And what I was gathering is when you said we, you know, we put it away and push it down by it, you're referring to the emotion.

Laura 22:06
Yes, correct.

Andrea 22:08
Yes. Okay, the feeling the heavy feeling. And when I was doing the work that I was doing with my therapist is when I, when we were doing it, in the in the middle of it, my body would twitch not like heavily, but enough to where she would notice sometimes, and I could feel it twitching. And in one of our sessions, I saw, I had a vision of you know, those little bouncy balls that you get from those machines, like 25 cents when you're a kid and it would like drive your parents crazy cuz it would go into the oven, or it would bounce to the ceiling. Right, and and it would, I would always take them into the bathroom, and shut the door, and then bounce it and it would bounce off all of the walls. And it would be really fun. And sometimes it would hit you. That's the memory that came up for me is this feeling of, you know, seeing this ball bounce off all of the walls. That's what it felt like was happening in my body. Not as quick as the ball does, but it felt and I could see it that it was moving through.

And the last thing I want to say is, it was so fascinating to me is that I was listening to the audiobook burnout by Emily and Amelia Nagasaki and they were talking about the science around the stress cycle, and how when we don't complete that loop and complete that cycle, it lives in our body and will eventually catch up with us with physical ailments, mental health problems, etc, etc.

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Laura 26:49
It's gonna be chronic illness, it can be injuries, you get an injury, you can’t heal or it keeps coming back.

Andrea 27:06
Insomnia for me.

Laura 27:15
Actually Psych K is great for insomnia. That was one of the first things I worked on with myself. It's just like, because we have so much fear and then we can't sleep. And then we have all this other stuff. Yeah. But in the more advanced levels of Psych K, which which I was so excited to do, I couldn't wait to do it, which is health and wellness, and that is dealing with health issues. And we could actually get messages from the body in an illness and an injury. What's going on in the body will tell us it's amazing. You know, tell us what's going on? What do you need to shift? What do you need to let go of, like you said, moving the energy. What do you what do you need to release? Well, we do that, and then people start to heal. And that's like, I mean, some of the most powerful work I've done with people has been around health issues. People that have just have, you know, they've done everything. Oh, you know, this is not working? Well, they've gone just so far. And it's like, okay, well, you know what, let's find out what's going on here. What does the body have to tell us about this, this physical thing that's going on, and it will tell you. And it tells you what it needs to let it go. Sometimes it's very simple as just putting in a new belief statement around it. Other times it gets, really, and when I tell you this, some of this stuff gets really like crazy.

And I'll give you I'll give you a perfect example. Just so you know how this work is I view myself as a conduit, okay? My, I'm like a vessel for this work, because I know there's other bigger things operating. This is like, and they do they call Psych K, it's a spiritual process with psychological benefits. That's what they call it. It's very like that. Cool, right? So it's spiritual. I know, when I'm doing this work, it's not all me. I'm getting I'm getting information from some other place. Otherworldly There is a really cool balance that we can sometimes do, which is just asking the superconscious you know, your higher self, is there a priority that needs to be balanced? And we get Yes. Okay. So I muscle testing all these quite as I'm asking all these questions when I'm going through the protocol. Then we ask, has the superconscious communicated this with the subconscious? I get? Yes. Okay. Is it self-appropriate? All the questions that I have to ask them what I do, as I myself because I'm sorry, getting this for somebody else, I will go into the whole brain state. And I sit there and I kid you not, sometimes my body starts moving, like a full circle. I'll go like clamped counterclockwise, and I'll just then it'll stop and sometimes it'll go the other way. I'm like, I don't know what's going on here, but something's getting recalibrated. And then like, I'll do it till it says you know, I'm done. Okay, we're done with the balance and then that's it. I do it for I do it with my cat all the time. And animals are amazing, because they're so receptive, they're all energy. My cat's got a little like, funky thing going on. I'll do some balances, boom. It's like, it's like, because it's all energy. So that's like the cool that's more like the like out there like okay, now her body's moving, now she’s getting into weird stuff.

Andrea 30:03
But wow, that's so fascinating. Well, can you tell us about I mean, aside from some you were talking about the physical, the physical things that can clear up for people, but what are some of the other benefits that can occur when you work towards, I love the term interconnectivity?

Laura 30:19
Well, here's the thing. So the two most common things, I mean, it's I've worked with a lot of people with the health stuff, but the two, believe it or not most common issues, their underlying whatever it is, is worthiness. So they want these things and the bottom line is worthiness, whether they deserve something and money issues are huge. I would say, seven out of ten clients, there's some money issue there.

Andrea 30:44
I thought you're gonna say relationships is that a close third?

Laura 30:49
Relationships is a big one, but that usually comes under the worthiness thing, you know, it's like worthiness and then it manifests in my relationships da da da da da. So once we deal with the with the, with the worthiness thing, then it's like, oh, wow, I actually can't have a partner who's not abusive, or I can't have a relationship that… So that's kind of like under the umbrella of that, but it's a it's a symptom. So the choosing the wrong partners are the symptom of not being worthy of being in the right relationship. But yeah, those those are the big ones. And you can, major, major shifts can happen. It's it's, it's, you're changing your wiring. You're changing, because if we can go back to what we opened with, your subconscious, ruling everything, we don't know what it what it's doing, because so much of the time, we're just on autopilot. Okay, we don't know why we make certain decisions, you know? The choices we're making the things we don't know where they're coming from, why they come, we think we do, but we really don't, because then we can go and we can trace back and we can say okay, well, you you want to change, but you keep making this same decision. What's going on here?

Andrea 31:58
And that's it's interesting, because I talk about self-sabotage. And I think there are some surface level exercises that people can do to get to the bottom of why they might be sabotaging themselves. But when it won't, just won't quit, that's when I think people need to be referred to people like you, because there is subconscious things going on, that are beyond the scope of what I do. And there's some issues that you just cannot think your way through.

Laura 32:26
Exactly. It's fun, it's like opening up, I look at it this way. You know, it's like it's opening up a treasure chest that's just waiting there for you. If someone, and look, it does take courage to do this work, I'm not making light of it and saying, oh, yeah, well, you know, do the issue. Not at all. It does take courage to to, to want to look to go there and to maybe not necessarily like what you see or to, to just to make the decision to make changes in your life and what that entails. But it to me, because my entire life has been curiosity and self-discovery and understanding human nature, like that's just been my that's like my hobby. Not only my profession is my hobby. So it's like, no, I want to know what else is in there? What else can we clean up?

Andrea 33:12
I want to say this too, from personal experience that might be helpful for anyone listening, who might be feeling curious about it, but not ready. I always say, you know, give people the dignity of their own process. And even me, there were many years where I was curious about this type of work, but I wasn't ready. And I would get a little bit angry at myself for not being ready. But it had become so a part of my identity and felt like a part of my DNA. And I was scared of who I could possibly become on the other side. You know, I have, I struggle with fear of success and fear of up leveling. And so I say that for transparency. And just to tell anyone listening, that it's okay, if you're not ready. And just, what was helpful to me is that I was open to seeing when the time was right. So in other words, I would say to the universe, I am ready to see and hear the clues when I'm ready to do the deeper work to eliminate these deep unconscious rooted thoughts and beliefs and behaviors that I have. And then suddenly, well then COVID happened in the bottom dropped out, it was the straw that broke the camel's back. And some other really difficult things happen, which I've talked about in another podcast episode and I and then I was ready. So yes. Give yourself the dignity of your own process.

Laura 34:38
Yeah and you know what, you may think you're ready, you may try it and be like, nope, not yet. And that's okay, too. You know, I think people put the foot in and like no, you know, I'm not ready. The other thing I want to say is that. Listen, everyone has screwed up. Everyone. It's the human condition. It's, I can't remember who was it, who said it might have been Bruce Lipton, one of the other really brilliant people out there just said it's it's part of the human condition. It's like, this is what we do we stumble, we have experiences we make. It's very difficult to be in this human body. Everyone has struggles and challenges. So that's one thing I want everyone to really know and understand is that it's not just you. It's everybody. And people think they got it all together. I got news view, they don't. No, no. And then they're hiding. They're hiding something, you know, it's like anymore. I put makeup on and put the clothes and whatever and the filters and all that. But oh, when we peel behind the curtain.

Andrea 35:34
Right. Okay, I want to switch gears slightly because I am. I'm also very curious about this other directly related thing that you do is you do home space clearing and energy alignment. And this is, what is this and when can I schedule you to come over to my house?

Laura 35:50
Where are you living now?

Andrea 35:51
I'm in North Carolina, which isn't too far from you but…

Laura 35:54
Not too far. So that's actually a new thing that I'm doing, which is, which is really kind of funny, because I've been doing it, that basically forever and it just kind of came about when a local realtor asked me oh, I know you do these things with dowsing rods. I know you. I know you do this, you know, I have a client moving in. I'm like, okay, wait, why aren’t I doing this for people? I have all like the really cool tools. And it actually falls, it's such a great complement to the other work that I'm doing. Because it's all its energy. It's shifting energy. And it's your space, it's your home space. And one of the things that I think one of the major things we realized over this past year, is how important our home space is. Because we literally been stuck there for a really long time. And then people all of a sudden, I mean, home improvement business, like skyrocketing. People are just like, oh my god, we need…

Andrea 36:49
Wood is so expensive right now. My husband's a woodworker. And yes, we know this.

Laura 36:53
Yeah. So it's just like, oh, we need to paint this and oh, let's, let's fix the leak. And you know, all the little things, you notice, okay, visually, and then there's all the other things energetically, which you may or may not be aware of, but when you make the shift, it's like night and day. So there's these tools that I've had, which is really just kind of funny, and you put it together and I'm like, okay, this is a really powerful thing. So one of the one of the things that I use are dowsing rods, okay? They're basically just copper rods that go back to I think they used it to find water. Like they used it, you know, to find water, you know, it's and all they're doing is they're picking up, you know, it's kind of like a pendulum, which is another thing that I use, but it's also like muscle testing. You're just asking questions, and it's telling you what's the energy like so when I when I walk through a space with the dowsing rods, I can walk through it and it's going to start moving to show me if the energy is open and moving fluidly, or if it turns the other way, and it's telling me okay, they're stagnant, there's something going on here and then we can inquire more. Okay, what is it here? You know, is it the is it the space is this like, we can find out what's going on. And then we can we can shift it and we use that with this really amazing incense that I feel so incredibly lucky to have because it's literally made by monks in England that I was able to get a bunch of it that's really really magical.

I have a Tibetan singing bowl which also all these things just shift energy and clear energy and that you know, it's it's the smoke it's the it's the sound these are all different vibrational techniques to shift the energy and then with it with the pendulum which is also one of my new toys, which I love doing. These you can set intentions for the space you can also do clearing but here's the thing that's really really cool is I can now take the, it's almost like time traveling in a way this is kind of how I look at it, is I can say to the dowsing rods, okay, so just say before I cleared someone's space I can say okay, let's show the space nine o'clock this morning and the rods will show me what it was like and say okay, now show me the space now and the rods will move in show like, whoa okay. It's you know, but this is a quantum physics you know time and space exist right?

Andrea 39:29
Which is so confusing to me. Like let's not go there. I get, it makes my brain hurt or headache like makes…

Laura 39:35
I know. I don't really 100% understand it either. But I'm good with it. I'm good with it. Like go with it.

Andrea 39:41
I believe that energy work and I've always struggled even as a child going to Rogers estate sales or, you know, places like the Goodwill and there's this really awesome consignment store here in Greensboro, where I live called the Wreck Collection, and it's I've gotten some amazing pieces there for my home. And it's gigantic. It's like two warehouses huge. And they have in the back, they have these sections where it's like, here's all the end tables, here's all the dining room tables, here's all the headboards. And I was walking back there by myself walking really slow. And I suddenly walked by this one particular end table. And I had this sort of like, overwhelming feeling almost like when someone dumps cold water on you, I didn't feel cold water, but just the like the whoosh. And my thought immediately was something bad happen here. And then I immediately got sick to my stomach, and walked away. And now when I go there, I don't even walk over into that area. I recently brought a friend with me, because she had never been there. And I said, I don't like that section. I'll meet you over here. And it's interesting, because sometimes, I only I don't I feel like my empath abilities only come through when it's intense. And maybe it's because I'm not letting it in or something like that. But that was so intense. And I've gotten that feeling more so as a child with various things. And it's that this is why I tell this story, because this is why I truly believe that rooms, that homes, that pieces of furniture, clothing can absolutely hold energy and if we're open to feel them, we can.

Laura 41:35
Oh absolutely, absolutely. And even just how you feel about looking at something, you know, one to one, you can look at something and be like, well, it's amazing that you had such a strong reaction to that, that that's really, really interesting. But yeah, I mean, you can walk into a space and say, oo, something nasty happened here, like, whoa, you know, I got to get out of here. And I've always been very sensitive to my environment. So that's just something that kind of came natural to me what's really cool. It's not complete yet. But I'm taking this one step further, and I'm actually because obviously I can't do this work remotely, I have to be in the person's space. But I am working on a course, which is like, almost like the subconscious of your home, the subconscious home. And how you can actually survey and you can actually go through and look at things and had to evaluate and how to kind of do your own, because think about it your home is a 24/7 living vision board.

Andrea 42:42
Yeah, I never thought about it that way.

Laura 42:45
Okay, so it's reflecting, it's reflecting to you what's in your subconscious at the same time, it is reaffirming, whatever it is you're looking at, it's reaffirming that back into your subconscious. So if you're looking at your space, and it's cluttered, and the clutter may not bother you, if the clutter bothers you, that's constantly being like, oh my God, it's weighing on you. It's something I need to do I need to deal with, oh my God, I don't want to what does that mean? It's a reflection back. So it's a very interesting process to actually look and see what it what are you? What is your home? How is it serving you? Is it not serving you and making the changes to give you, you know, the environment that you want? Yeah, it's healing. That's nourishing, that's restoring.

Andrea 43:26
It's so fascinating. Okay, I have loved this conversation and learn so much. So, before we go, Is there anywhere that you want to tell people to go to follow you? Where can they where can they go to learn more about you?

Laura 43:37
Of course my website, which is just LauraGevanter.com And I'm sure you'll have the spelling and the things that people can see. I'm on Instagram, which I post a lot of my photos. It's one of my hobbies is because I live in such a gorgeous place out east on Long Island that I post a lot of photos but I do a lot of work stuff there as well.

Andrea 44:00
Well, I can see all of your services on your on your website at LauraGevanter.com. And that'll be in the show notes.

Laura 44:09
That's the best place to reach me.

Andrea 44:10
Awesome. Is there anything that we may have missed or that you want to circle back to say before we close out?

Laura 44:16
You know what, just be easy on yourself. Just have compassion for yourself. If you choose, you know, you know you have stuff going on and something sounds really interesting and exciting. Like you said, it's basically just reinforcing what you said is that you'll know when the time is right, you know, when you like can't stand this anymore, or you need to change and you know, if you're not there yet it's okay. And don't be hard on yourself. And self-compassion is just so important. And I think it's what more people need to recognize that it's okay. It's okay to let yourself off the hook.

Andrea 44:50
I'm gonna breathe into that. Thank you, Laura. Thank you so much for being here and teaching us about this modality and thank you listeners for also being here and listening this whole episode. I value your time so much and remember, it's our life's journey to make ourselves better humans and our life's responsibility to make the world a better place. Bye everybody.

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