Angela Jia Kim is my guest this week! We are talking about radical self-love, the power that can be found in feminine energy, and self-care rituals. Angela is a former concert pianist and founder of Savor Beauty + Spa, a Manhattan-based skincare and spa brand inspired by Korean beauty rituals. She’s also the author of Radical Radiance: 12 Weeks of Self-Love Rituals to Manifest Abundance, Beauty, and Joy. I really think you are going to love her work, and this conversation, as much as I did! 

Some other topics we explore:

  • Awakening and connecting with your feminine energy (5:22)
  • How divorce helped Angela deepen her self-love and embrace a healthy dating mindset in her 40s (13:25)
  • Self-love starts with one small change like taking five minutes at night to wash your face (17:20)
  • Tips for planning self-care sabbaticals, self-love adventures, and inspiration getaways that restore your skin and your soul (30:03)
  • Angela discusses how she went from a solo concert pianist to founding Savor Beauty + Spa (38:16)

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Angela Jia Kim is a former concert pianist and founder of Savor Beauty + Spa, a Manhattan-based skincare and spa brand inspired by Korean beauty rituals. She’s also the author of Radical Radiance: 12 Weeks of Self-Love Rituals to Manifest Abundance, Beauty, and Joy and the creator of the Savor Beauty Planner, a self-care guide that helps women manifest beauty, brilliance, and balance.

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Angela  00:00
When you receive, you just start to listen, oh my gosh, there was there's a gift in that failure. There's insights. And when you start to receive those things and slow down to listen to those lessons and messages, you start to have manifestations that come from feel feeling good, pleasurable experiences and so you become more connected to your relationships, that kind of openness and abundance in general with the people around you and connectedness to yourself and to others.

Andrea  00:31
You're listening to Make Some Noise Podcast episode number 479 with guest Angela Jia Kim.

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to another episode of the podcast, I am so glad that you have chosen to spend your time with me today. And if you are working out, when you listen to this, I hope you have a great workout. And if you're driving, I hope that you get all green lights and have no traffic and don't miss your exit. I know that can happen to me sometimes. And maybe you're out on a walk, I don't know walking your dog. I hope you're having a great day.

And also, there are a couple of more openings for private coaching, if you would like to work with me or one of my lead coaches. If you're going to work with me, there's kind of three different options. I can take you through the Daring Way curriculum, which is sort of a deep dive or you can have open sessions, where you bring the agenda, you bring your goals and priority of focus, and we get it done. Then the last thing is I do consulting. I've had kind of several people. It’s a thing now, who comes to me who want to write a nonfiction book don't know where to start. Or they want to write a book proposal don't know where to start. They have something in that realm where they're feeling super lost, and I may or may not be a great fit for that. So shoot us an email if you're not sure, or you can fill out an application. AndreaOwen.com/apply and we'll see what's good.

All right, today's episode, I have been loving the self-care theme. I'm also really looking forward to the next theme, which is women's health. I've been scouring scouring the internet. And by scouring the internet, I mean, looking who I follow on social media. No, I'm only half kidding. But I am excited, partly for selfish reasons because I am going through some stuff over here like with hormones and all that. I just hired a new doctor here. Do you hire a doctor? I guess that's how it works. I have a new doctor, we start next Monday and it's all about like hormones. Is it autoimmune? Is it just being 47 and a half? What, what, what is happening? So stay tuned on that. But that's what we're going to be talking about in the next theme coming up. Hormone stuff, just general women's health stuff. And I was thinking about this morning, I think we shouldn't have a sex theme. I we haven't had that and it's part of women's health, but I follow a handful of people on social media that are so interesting, specifically about sexual health for women. And it's, you know, kind of a big topic and you know, I love talking about things that make people uncomfortable, so maybe we'll do that. DM me on Instagram if you feel like…if you're if you're even if you're thinking there's a specific topic where you're like, I don't think Andrew is covered that shoot me shoot me a DM I'm always open to hear your suggestions on specific topics and or specific experts.

All right, everyone. I am really pumped to bring you today's guest. I met her, we were instant friends and I really think that you're going to love her work and just her. Angela Jia Kim is a former concert pianist and founder of Savor Beauty and Spa a Manhattan-based skincare and SPA brand inspired by Korean beauty rituals. She's also the author of Radical Radiance: 12 Weeks of Self-Love Rituals to Manifest Abundance, Beauty and Joy. So without further ado, here is Angela.

Angela, thank you so much for being here.

Angela  04:57
Andrea, I'm so excited to have a juicy conversation with you today.

Andrea  05:00
I know me too. I had to pause there for a second because I had a weird throat burp I hope nobody heard.

Angela  05:08
I would have never known.

Andrea  05:10
My microphone picks up everything I was recording with someone yesterday and my stomach was growling and it kept hitting mute zoom and like never happens. So embarrassing. Anyway.

Angela  05:20
It’s so human.

Andrea  05:22
I know it's so human. It really is. First of all, your book cover is gorgeous. It's so pretty. When I got it in the mail, I was like, I just I love a good yellow cover. It's so beautiful. And more importantly, the inside of the book. Let me let me tell you, right, what the title is Radical Radiance: 12 Weeks of Self-Love Rituals to Manifest Abundance, Beauty and Joy. And, okay, I want to cover every single chapter, but we can’t. Where I want to start is the one that you know, just like shot my interest through the roof was, I think is chapter five, or they go by week, week five, Awaken Your Feminine Energy. You and I seem to have some stuff in common where I always thought feminine energy was just kind of like light and airy and like kind of wishy washy and just like childlike, and just passive, period. And I love how you explain it. I love there's how there's a chart. So can you kind of just… I'm going to just throw it out there and can you explain to the listeners, maybe, what the differences between masculine and feminine energy and why it's important for us to lean into our feminine energy.

Angela  06:34
Okay, so before I get into the chart, let me back up and tell you, yes, yes, yes, I agree. I agree with everything you said about feminine energy. I used to think it was, you know, for people who didn't… who were type A who weren't going to go after their dreams. And yeah, as you said, like pet super passive. And so I used to be a concert pianist, and then when I kind of had this career shift into an entrepreneur, I thought I had to compete with male, you know, male colleagues. Right? So I lit I went into male energy, masculine energy, overdrive. Meaning that I feel like I became kind of hardened. I went from an artist to becoming a boss. I was like, make it happen mode. NBC Today Show even featured me, they were like, they have this early bird series and they came to my house at 4am. And I would be up and they were like wife, mother entrepreneur who runs successful businesses. Her day starts at 4am and it was just like a crazy schedule where I was doing my daughter's playdates. And then I was attending meetings, and I was very numbers focused and, you know, I think you and I talked earlier about how, when there's a crisis that often happens before breakthrough, right, you break down in order to break open. So and that's what happened and I was starting to have panic attacks, and my body was like giving in, but my mind was like, keep going, keep going. And that was such a lie, you know.

So I think what ended up happening is I decided that I wanted to explore a more feminine way of doing business. I call it spiritual seven figures because I really believe that you can get to experience success in a completely different way. And it was just really connecting with my feminine energy, which Andrea, it's so it's actually so much more powerful. You know what I mean? Like, so let me share. Okay, now that I gave you that backdrop, let me just share with you, like the difference between masculine and feminine energy, okay. So I'll just go through, there's a big list on page 120 of the book. But so masculine energy is like drive, assertiveness, protection, singular focus. Feminine energy is more about creation, connection, warmth, diffused awareness, right? Like we always say multitasking, but I like to call it diffused awareness where it's like you can kind of be aware of a lot of things. You can read the room and also lead a meeting right or leave the room or and read the room and also take care of your kids you know. So it's much more about comfort, warmth, empathy, inspiration, flowing, receiving. That's a huge feminine energy piece. And allowing and, and then also connecting with the softer side of yourself. I think the masculine side likes to do do do and the feminine side likes to be. And I once I started to embrace this feminine energy, I noticed that it didn't overwork, I slept better, I felt better, I feel like I was a more empathetic, warm mom, boss, partner. So that's what I really, really love about embracing the feminine energy. Did you experience any of that in your own life as well?

Andrea  10:10
Well, I was just gonna say like, I had to experience multiple burnouts before I finally was like, oh, there's another way of doing life. And yes, I do think that it's for some women, it's part of their personality, to just be more assertive and driven and, and just do do do all the time. I think some of it is like neurodiversity, like, having ADHD like I do. And, and, and I think a lot of it too, is cultural. You know, it's like we live, you can't escape it living in a capitalistic culture where we are valued more, the more that we do. And all that to say, I, you know, product of all of that myself, and then experienced massive breakdown, and then had to learn a new way. But also, it's kind of learned. It's like learning how to do a new dance. And I found that I have to kind of be intentional about it, if you will, and practice it. And I love in your book, how you talk about these different beauty rituals, and I never looked at that type of thing as being in your feminine energy. And even just if you don't want to call it feminine energy, just slowing down. That's the hardest part for me. Just slow down. It's okay. It doesn’t have to be an emergency all the time.

Angela  11:43
You don't have to be in go get it mode at all time. You don't have to be superwoman all the time.

Andrea  12:50
It’s not sustainable for most of us.

Angela  12:53
No, it's not, I think, in your 20s and 30s. Maybe, but then at some point, you realize that the stress weighs you down, literally, you know. And yeah, it just weighs you down, it eventually, as you said, you experience a burnout and some people can't recover from burnout as quickly as they want, right? And I think, on a sidenote, like nourishing your feminine energy, it alleviates your stress lines and when you're in better balance, you feel better, which is like I always say it's the best youth elixor for tired skin cells, you know.

Andrea  12:33
Yeah, well, and you know my, I had a couple of burnouts over the last decade and a half, just from starting a business and writing some books while also being the primary caregiver and all those things when my dad died, and you know, just life experiences, but then the pandemic… And I know, you had a big sort of turning point during the pandemic, the pandemic, for me was sort of my breaking point where my mental health who I described it to people as like, my mental health took a shit and they're always looking at me, like, what? You know, and then also, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune, which the doctor say like, it's usually like always lurking in the background, and then something happens and it just kind of gets triggered, or you start to see symptoms. Plus being peri-menopausal, and 47. So that was…my body was like, we're done.

Angela  13:23
A new way of living. It's a new lifestyle.

Andrea  13:25
It is a new lifestyle. Yeah, I feel like I've turned a corner. So tell us about, because you experienced, you know, big life change by getting divorced, and, so in the book, you talk about how that experience deepened your self-love and helped you develop a healthy mindset, even towards dating in your 40s. So can you walk us through that time?

Angela  13:44
Yes. So just backing up a little, you know, the word divorce is like, not allowed in my family. And in my, you know, my mom, especially my mom's like ethos, right? So for me to get to the place where I was okay with it and I had come to accept it and then I was ready to act on it. That was huge. It was so huge, because I remember thinking, I told my friend the first time and I was like, you know, my, my ex-husband and I were going to get separated, and she was like, shocked because no one knew, you know, because actually, my ex-husband and I are friends, you know. And so we don't have one of these disastrous divorces. We were actually, we came to it very peacefully, and it was just a natural growing of separate ways. He preferred the country, I preferred the city. We realized our life goals were no longer in sync. And so it wasn't like this like drawn out horrible thing. In fact, we got divorce for under $2,000. We didn't hire lawyers. We did all the mediation ourselves. Our therapist was… Yeah, it was just very easy divorce. And we're on the same page with co-parenting and I feel very fortunate about that. But, you know, so no one knew it was a shock to everyone. And she said, Well, what…how are you gonna tell your mom? Because she knows my mom. And I said, I'm not, I'm not going to tell her. She said, what do you mean? And I said, well, so you know, she's 75, and I want her to live till she's 100 so I'll just keep the secret for 25 more years. So that's I wanted to give that backdrop because I just want to share that that it was a very hard thing for me to do.

But I think like, it was 2020, the year of the pandemic, so it was we were mandated to shut down our spas. And then on top of it, you know, there's this divorce, and now I was all alone with my daughter, a single mom in Manhattan. And I was just scared. I was scared out of my mind on so many levels, like, can I afford to live on my own in Manhattan, keep my daughter here in school, and just like, can I do this? And then it was the question of, well, what now? Am I going to be alone? Like, what do I do? Like, I'm used to having a spouse and it's 20 years, Andrea. 20 years. And then on top of it, it was, oh my gosh, now I have to tell my mom and then on top of it, I need to like, what are my friends going to think? Right? So it was just so many self-constructed prison bars that I had, you know, self-imposed on myself. So it was a really rough period. And the only thing that helped me through it was self-love, honestly. Acceptance, self-approval. Like, it's okay. I don’t actually care what anybody thinks. It's okay. I'm going to tell my mom, and I'm going to just live with the repercussions of her disappointment in me. It's okay. And I you know, the funny thing is, when I told my mom, she didn't flinch, and she said, oh, Angie, I knew it. Yes, and I was just like, I almost started crying. I was like, oh, my God. Like she said…no one else knew. But she's my mom. So she just knew. Yeah. And things…

Andrea  17:13
My mom knew things like that was that I thought I was hiding really well. Yes, I was successfully hiding from everyone else.

Angela  17:20
Yes, she's new. So I was like, oh, my gosh, I that was kind of my first realization that like, who cares what anybody thinks, because they're probably not even thinking that much about you. You know, it's your life. All the self-love rituals that I wrote in the book, as I wrote the book during the pandemic, they were all self-love rituals that I used to heal myself. And my mom speaking of her, she says something very important and it's the premise of this book. It's treat your skin, like the most expensive silk on Earth. And I think that's such a beautiful metaphor for treating ourselves like the most expensive silk on Earth. And what does that mean. It's treating ourselves like we deserve the nourishment and deserve is a big word because most of us, many women don't feel like we deserve love. And so we're the last on the list. We deserve to nurture ourselves.

And the first ritual in the book is wash your face. I teach you how to double cleanse using a Korean beauty technique. Korean women are very obsessed with their skin. So my mom was as well and I grew up watching her wash her face and massage her face. And she had glistening, almost a wet skin, you know, where it was dewy, moisturized, radiant. And she really took beautiful care of her skin. She's now entering into her 80s and she she's, she just has gorgeous skin. People come to our I have spas in the city of Manhattan and our estheticians will work on her face. And they'll say oh my gosh, her skin is like a 40-year-old woman, you know. She taught me treat your skin like the most expensive silk on Earth. And I think that means take the time to, you know, how we treat our skin is how we treat our souls. So I learned how to treat my soul through how to treat my skin. So even taking one minute to wash your face. You will be shocked Andrea, and how many women have a hard time taking one minute to wash your face.

Yeah, and that that washing your face is very symbolic because what a lot of women don't know is if you go to bed with not washing your face, you're going to bed with sweat blocking your pores, sebum, toxins from the day dirt debris in your pores, which either will make you break out or it breaks down the collagen in your skin which makes you age faster. And so I like to view washing your face as a spiritual ritual where yes on your skin you're taking out all the dirt and debris and you're softening your skin and you're moisturizing it but also you can do that for your soul at same time, you know. I'm going to bed purified and I'm not going to worry about tomorrow, I'm not going to worry about my to do list. I'm leaving that outside of my bedroom door and I'm going to bet go to bed cleansed, refreshed, rejuvenated, so that I can have a good night's sleep.

It's just a small little one minute reminder. You know, and when you look at that, as a very powerful ritual and symbolic stands on non-negotiable time, I tell women to do this throughout the 12 weeks on it can be life changing, because it's a small transformative change that then you start applying to other aspects of your life. Well, if I can take one minute to wash my face, can I take five minutes to stretch my body and tell everyone in the house to leave me alone? Can I take an extra five minutes to do some planning and meal planning? Can I take another five minutes to plan out my day so it does not feel rushed and chaotic? Can I take five minutes, 10 minutes even to meditate? You know, and so it just starts with one small change that can help change your life. Do you wash your face at night, Andrea?

Andrea  21:08
So I didn't wash… I didn't start washing my face.. No, I think probably washing my face. And wearing sunscreen was sort of when I finally started that ritual together. I definitely don't remember doing it in my early 30s or no, my late 20s. But I think in my early 30s, like, that's when I had like my life breakdown and everything changed and I finally started taking care of myself. So I was late to the game. I don't know that might be for that time for my age… Because my daughter is 12, she's going to be 13 tomorrow and she's been washing her face for about a year, maybe two years now. And I watch her and I'm like, I never would even think of doing this when I was her age. And I'm so glad that these girls are starting that younger.

So one time quick story. years ago, someone tagged me in on Instagram stories and she said, she was like doing hertz skincare something and she goes and I'm taking a note from Andrea Owen, don't forget your neck. Because if there's one thing I would go back and change, remembering to put sunscreen… When I did start doing sunscreen, it was just on my face and I forgot my neck and chest and I'll tell you what that neck shows your age. In the tops of your hands. I now have sunscreen, I carry sunscreen in my purse and when I'm driving, I put it on the tops of my hands. It's like these little things that we don't many of us don't think about things have changed, but that I am.

Angela  22:45
Okay, you know what I will say this. You just taught me something about skincare because I don't put it on my neck. I don't put sunscreen on my neck and my hands. And that is huge. And you're talking to my aesthetician about this. I'm going to tell them Andrea Owen…and yes, neck and chest and hands. That's beautiful. Because you're right. Well, I'm always saying don't forget to moisturize your neck and your hands because most women, what they'll do is they'll moisturize your face and to my horror, they'll they'll wipe their hands with a towel. And I'm like no one, take all that cream, amazing cream and apply it to your neck and hands.

So I'm really glad you mentioned that SPF. On that note. Yeah, SPF. So, you know, I always think the skin can teach us soulful lessons, right? So SPF is a great way to remind yourself when you're putting it on that you're protecting your skin from harmful rays that can really wreak havoc on your skin. And you can even I even think of that. And I'm like, well, that even teaches us healthy boundaries in general. You know what I mean? Like, and I have a chapter in the book about how to say no, in a way that feels… Because I think women have a hard time saying no and putting up boundaries because they don't want to be mean. Right?

Andrea  24:06
That's it's a misconception about what boundaries actually look like.

Angela  24:11
But yeah, so like, in the book, I give ways that you can say no, that feel… You know what you're…you know what, you're not really saying no, you're saying yes, yes to yourself. Yes. Is that? Uh, yeah, I know, you and I should talk again, about boundaries.

Andrea  24:37
We have a whole episode just on boundaries. But I think that that's a common misconception that that setting boundaries needs to be confrontational, that it needs to be an ultimatum that it's, you know, a precursor to, to falling apart of a romantic or, you know, platonic relationship. And it's not. I mean, it's just, you know, I love Brené Brown's definition of it. She said it’s really like what is okay and not okay in your life. And I want to say this too about boundaries. Here's how I describe it. It's easy for me, not easy, but it's much easier for me to set a boundary with my neighbor or with my kids’ teacher, or with a colleague than it is for me to set a boundary with a family member. I will procrastinate on that forever and ever amen. I always I always want to be transparent about it because because I talk tend to talk about boundaries so matter of factly. I don't want anyone to think that they're there. It's supposed to be easy. It's, it's one of the hardest conversations you'll ever have.

Angela  25:41
Boundaries is kind of about standards, right? Like, if you take it a little bit deeper, it's kind of like having certain standards in your life, that, it's a quiet shift but it's very powerful. If you're just like that needs to rise to my standard and doesn't have to be haughty. It doesn't have to be arrogant. It's just this is my standard and if it's not there, I don't need to accept it into my life. Right? And even I talk about like, even nature has boundaries, like the mountains stop, the ocean starts. The trees…you know what I mean? Like the there's the sand and there's the ocean, like even nature understands the power of these? Where do they start? Where do they stop? And you can coexist in a beautiful way. Right?

Andrea  26:28
I look to cats for inspiration or boundaries I saw I probably say about that talk. Well somebody was saying that she never trusts you know, like when she's dating in a heterosexual relationship. She never trust a man who doesn't like cats because cats have boundaries. And if you think about it, they sure do. Like they don't usually like to be petted without their own consent. If you just you know, watch a cat's behavior, they have really strict boundaries and, and her whole philosophy was people that don't like cats tend to not like people who have boundaries themselves.

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I want to switch gears here because I'm super curious about this and I would love for you to tell the audience because in the book you talk about planning self-care sabbaticals, and self-love adventures and sort of like inspiration getaways that restore your soul and of course restore your skin. So do you have, you know can you just talk about that generally speaking or if you have some tips for planning those.

Angela  30:03
Okay. Yes, I love it. It's these are what I officially call like radiance retreats. I started going on this when I got separated from my, my husband at the time. The first day because my daughter and I are very close. So she's also 12 going on 13 and we were very close and I don't think I even spent what night apart from her and her the first decade of her life, you know. And so when we started, she started going to her dad's on the weekends. I was just like, oh my god, I'm separated from my daughter for the first time. I was not used to being alone with a blank canvas of unfilled unscheduled time. And so my first instinct was just to be depressed and curl up in bed and just stay in bed all day watching like Real Housewives and just pigging out on cookies or whatever I could get on. You know, I tried to do gluten free I really anything gluten just kind of self-sabotaging. And then I just woke up. The next morning, I was like, you know what, I am going to raise my vibration and I'm going to learn how to shine on my own, not as a mom, not as a wife, not as a business owner, but just me myself. And I live in the best playground in the world, New York City.

And so I decided I was gonna go, I created a planner. I have a self-care planner called the Saver Beauty planner, and I just took a pen and I brought up the planner, and I planned my weekend. And it was the most fun I've ever had. I call as you said, I call it self-love adventure, self-care sabbatical. This is going to be all about me. And I was going to step beyond my comfort zone and do things I'd never done before and with strangers. So my only intention was I'm going to feel good unconditionally. So I did like meditations, I hosted a self-care supper in my house with three strangers, I was part of a women's networking group and I just threw out an invitation. I said, hi guys. So I am doing a self-care supper tonight or in a few days. Does anybody want to come. And I'll say yes to the first three people who say yes, so I gathered like three strangers, they were all women entrepreneurs. And we got together I cooked a new Korean dish recipe I'd never cooked really before. And then like I would read books, I joined an emotional fitness gym downtown where…

Andrea  32:37
Emotional fitness gym? That is so Manhattan. Like say more.

Angela  32:42
It's a frequency dome, where you go in and all these people go into this like tent inside and they have like this like kaleidoscope in the ceiling and then you do like, like breathwork with this amazing music and it just feels like you're really high on psychedelic drugs, but you didn't do anything but breathe, you know? And then like  I went to a sound bath. I don't know if you've ever heard of sound baths.

Andrea  33:26
I've heard of them. I don't know what they are, though.

Angela  33:28
So it's like a gong with a sound bowl and they put it all over your body, like the sound bowls, and then they you know, and so the vibration heals your body. So I did that and I met a friend there and I didn't know who you she just seemed like a really nice guy and we became friends on Instagram. He was like, hey… He's the one that introduced me to the emotional fitness gym. He was like, do you want to go to this with me? And I was like, yes. So I was just like this…in my 40s. Like, just like, wow, this is like so exciting, you know.

Andrea  33:59
It’s a new chapter in your life. That’s amazing.

Angela  34:01
Yeah, that's a new chapter in my life. And I started to understand the power of people, a schedule, and an experiences. And I was just like, I am going to do this every time I have a chance because I want to raise my frequency so that I can live my highest self, if that makes any sense.

Andrea  34:02
Yeah, you know, well, what tips would you have for someone who you know, isn't close to Manhattan or LA or those types of things happen and might be on more of a budget. Like, you know, raises hand over here. There's no sound baths in rural North Carolina. But the next time I’m in Manhattan I’ll call you.

Angela  34:24
Well, here's the thing, Andrea, you can do all of this for free on YouTube, which is something that I would do as well. So if you just go on YouTube, and in fact, a lot of the stuff I do is for free like, oh, I started walking at home, you know. So if you just do walking at home and YouTube, there are so many amazing videos. You can get some of those videos, I use them as resources at RadicalRadiance.com. If you put in YouTube sound bath, there are hundreds of sound bath experiences And you can just play it and meditate to it. If you want to do breath work, you can also, you know, YouTube that as well. And then if you want to go deeper, I often you know will Google it and then you can do you know all of these things on online. So a lot of things are Airbnb Experiences as well. So I did a lot of like, tarot card readings on Airbnb Experiences. Did you know that Airbnb has these experiences?

Andrea  35:46
I didn't, is that new?

Angela  35:48
Yeah, it's, well, it happened during the pandemic, and then there's cooking classes on Airbnb, there are so many experiences…

Andrea  35:37
That is amazing. Like I would love to do that like kind of like a girls trip type of thing because I've been sober for almost 11 years now and like I don't, you know, it's not like a you know, like, let's get a bunch of champagne and get shit faced drunk. And like, I've done that it was super fun, different chapter in my life too. But I that's what would be really amazing for me to do with a bunch of women is like, especially if you're all spread out in the United States. I know a lot of you listening you know, your friends are all over, and you know, maybe once a year or every other year or whatever, you just find a central place and do some of those activities at an Airbnb. And I personally want to like dance around a fire naked to Stevie Nicks, music, but also sound bath is nice.

Angela  36:22
Yep, see, here's the thing if you just go on Airbnb online experiences, they have so many fun, fun, fun, fun things. Like I lived like, this is what I did during the pandemic. And these are self-care sabbaticals. These are Radiance Retreats. Cooking classes, hidden jazz club, there's I did a laughing class on Airbnb Experiences. You can do numerology. So like, that's the thing and a lot of these things are pretty cheap. It's like $11, $19. You know what I mean? So these Radiance Retreats are really important to amp up your radiance. And when you feel radiance is very important word because it's like when you're radiating your beautiful essence and high energy like high vibrations, you attract, like frequency into your life.

Andrea  37:14
That's yeah. I agree. I'm the only reason I'm chuckling is because I've definitely had the opposite.

Angela  37:21
Yes. And I think during that time, and I know you can relate to this Andrea, like, after a divorce or after a breakup or after…it doesn't even have to just be a divorce. It can be you know, after, if you're at a job that you don't enjoy, or you know, just like anything that brings you down, we all can relate to feeling depressed, feeling down feeling just generally crappy. I think during those moments, that's when you can really tap deep and say, I can change us and you go on your self-care sabbatical, you say I need a little time off. And I'm gonna do something to raise the frequency, whatever, from all the way from walking to meditation to a sound bath to I mean, I did things like I went to Vermont, and I jumped off a mini cliff into the water. And I've never done that before.

Andrea  38:16
Oh, that's I have never done that either. I'm thing about like, open water that makes me a little nervous, but I do other behavior. Before we run out of time, I also wanted…this little bit I want to make a sharp left turn because I don't want to leave without asking you about your previous career. So before you founded savor beauty, you were a concert pianist. And that's a pretty huge pivot. So did you kind of like feel it was your calling to make this pivot or did you I don't know. Did you like break your fingers? Is that like a pianist injury? Like what happened to make you make that pretty radical change?

Angela  38:55
Well, I was five months pregnant when I gave my last concert and I was also I at the time had started my business a little bit and like it was a hobby Saviour Beauty. So I was making lotions and potions in my kitchen and I just made that decision that I didn't want to be touring and leaving my baby behind, you know? So it was a life change. I know a lot of women who aren't they often ask me well, how did you get out of a career and start another one? And my best advice is start moonlighting because that's what I did. I started making lotions and potions in my kitchen during my downtime. And start following your nose like the yellow brick road, right? Just start following your passion and but commit to it, right you want to commit to every day doing that passion and eventually it can become a business or you can go back to school while you have your career because not a lot of us have the luxury to not have a paycheck. So you can do that on the side. And if it is your passion, you're very drawn to it and excited about it. That's what I did.

Andrea  40:12
Interesting. So I know nothing about the career of being like a concert musician. And I'm assuming, is it sort of like elite athleticism, where it's kind of a hard business to be successful in?

Angela  40:29
Mm hmm. Yes.

Andrea  40:31
Like the chosen few? Did you go to like, did you go to like, the school Fame? I know it’s not like a real school.

Angela  40:37
Kinda, no, no, no. That's such an awesome question. I love it. So I went to a similar school. Yes, you can consider it that. It was called Eastman School of Music. It's in Rochester, New York. And so these like school of fame, it's very competitive. Everyone is super dedicated to their art. Excellence is the name of the game and you practice like eight hours a day. It's very discipline. Touring, because I went on a lot of tours and sometimes I was visiting more towns and a presidential candidates, if you could believe it, I'd wake up often, like, what town am I in, and it was very lonely, actually, to be a solo pianist. It's kind of like being a speaker, if you if you go on a speaking tour, it's very similar. Like, it's high intensity and bright lights and like big audiences, and it's exciting for an hour, and then you go home, and I just my TV and remote control were my friends, you know,? It was a very exciting, but lonely endeavor for me.

Andrea  41:44
It's interesting. Like, I assume it's very different than being part of a symphony, or a choir or a band where you have other people that are with you like it's like a team. So it's yes, solo endeavor.

Angela  41:59
Yeah, for me, it was a solo endeavor. There are a lot of musicians who are in orchestras who have musicians that they play with. For me, I was primarily a solo concert pianist. So you know, and that’s what's really interesting, I made this shift in my 30s. And so that's what I always tell women, you know, whether you're in your 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s, you can make these shifts. You can decide that you want to do something different with your life and because, Andrea, I was alone, like 90% of my time, and I didn't know how to communicate. I didn't know how to learn how to work in a team and I didn't know anything about business. And the fact that I was able to launch a business, I basically I call it school of hard knocks. I learned everything the hard way. It's like, oh, that was a huge failure. That was a big mistake. What was my lesson learned and how am I going to improve from here. And that's what I did every day. You know…

Andrea  42:59
Didn't you go into debt to open your first store?

Angela  43:04
Yeah, I put around $60,000 on my credit card, and I didn't even know I was just getting into debt. It was so stressful. But I always said to myself, well, if I don't make it in business, because it was expensive, like you had to buy all these ingredients, opening up a retail spot in Manhattan is really expensive. And so and I didn't have money, I had no money, no experience. I was so naive, like, I don't know if I would have the guts to do it today. You know what I was doing back then? Righ. Ignorance is bliss, right? So I went to debt and my life is all about game of inches. People think, oh, you have a successful business. Oh, honey, sweat, blood tears and a game of inches. Like every day it was trying to get up and you know, make a better decision from a mistake or, you know, small little seeds that I would plant along the way. Everything is a game of inches, because if you think I'm gonna do this big goal, it will stop you dead in your tracks.

Andrea  44:03
Oh, yeah. I call it a slog. I like yours. I like game of inches better.

Angela  44:10
A game of inches for a big leap.

Andrea  44:12
Okay, right. Yeah, exactly what those people mostly see. It's just like, what's on the outside and oh my gosh, you had this storefront in the West Village and how amazing and now it's successful. You know, however, many years later, it's been. People asked me like, what was the secret to your success? And I said, it was a few things. First of all, I was an early adopter. The timing was everything for me. Second of all, I had delusional confidence. I because I was an early adopter. There weren't a whole lot of people who had done what I did who were ahead of me, so I was just like, of course, it's gonna work out. Like why would it not? Like I wish I had that same… It's that similar to ignorance is bliss. And also I had a lot of masculine energy driving the bus, driving the race car, is because it wasn't yet in a race to burn out. I mean, I can't even imagine doing it any other way. But I will say it, there were lots of blood, sweat and tears. Now I know where that term comes from because it's, it's a slog, it's that game of inches.

And I also want to say one more thing before we close and this, you might disagree with me on this, but I also think that entrepreneurship is not for everyone. And I…

Angela  45:32
No it’s not. It’s not for everyone. No, absolutely not. I in fact, it's kind of for crazy few.

Andrea  45:37
Yeah. And it does not mean that we're better or smarter or more intelligent. Sometimes it's people that have a lot of resources that they didn't earn. But it's also, you know, my husband tried it over the pandemic, and then was kind of like, I don't think this is for me. And I was like, I could have told you that ahead of time but now you see that for yourself. It's and I also think that, you know, sometimes every once in a blue moon, I get really tired and really burned out and I think about going to work at a like for a corporation or nine to five type of thing and it just seems more appealing. And then I'll hear it and you know, I have this conversation with myself. And then it's like, well, but I don't know if I would be passionate about that.

And then I just also think that it is a luxury to be passionate about what you do. And I also don't think that it's like all or nothing. Like, you can still have a really fucking fantastic life and not be passionate about your job. Like, I don't want you to hate it. I don't want you to hate who you work with and think that what you do is worthless by just I think that I think Girlboss culture was pushing this notion of like, if you if you love what you do, you won't work a day in your life. I'm like, really? Because this was like a J-O-B most days. But I just I think the bottom line of what I'm trying to say is you can still have a really fulfilling life and do a job that you're not, quote unquote, so passionate about.

Angela  47:15
Right. And that passion, I really believe we all want and desire, passion in our lives can come from hobbies and outside of nine to fives. You know, I think, Andrea, you bring up a really good point. And I guess I agree 100% with what you're saying, I, you know, I used to lead I used to coach, I've probably coached 1000s of women entrepreneurs, and here's what I will say. One thing that most of us have in common is that we've had tough lives and so it's there's a lot of healing that many entrepreneurs find through their business. You know, I know for me personally, I was kind of an outsider growing up as an Asian kid in a primarily white town in Iowa. And so I learned independence and I have to do it my way very early on. And so there is some value and something amazing about, and I feel sometimes I feel admiration and envious, actually, of people who can turn off work at five you know? And there is something very nice about the stability of working for you know, another company and not having to worry about payroll and not having to worry about the A to Z of running a business. There's something really beautiful about that too. So I think both ends have pros and cons. I don't think I'm hireable I don't think…I think I’d get fired….

Andrea  48:46
Which was one of the big mouth and who can entertain you for a few hours.

Angela  48:52
So yes, many entrepreneurs are not employable.

Andrea  48:57
I agree with that. Well, before we close up I could talk to you all day long and just thank you so much for your wisdom, for your rich wisdom today. And is there anything that you want to circle back to that we talked about over the last 45 minutes or so that you want to say in order to feel complete

Angela  49:11
I just I want to circle back really quickly on feminine energy because I think there's something…a very powerful message and lesson that we can learn from powerful and error from feminine energy and that's softening to receive, you know. And yet we talked about how you treat skin is how you treat your soul. I think that like for our sacred beauty facial for example, we will use a hot moist towel and steam to soften the pores before applying nourishment, you know through creams and serums. And this process of softening melts the debris and the hard stuff to butter like consistency so the skin can extract you know the pimples or drink up the mask and creams nutrients. And I think we can apply, we can apply the same process to like the inner pours right, the soul. When we soften the edges, what that means is you're slowing down, you're listening to others more intently, and then you're receiving, receiving more abundantly. And receiving means, we talked earlier about my mistakes as an entrepreneur and as a human being, you receive when you receive, you just start to listen, oh, my gosh, there was there's a gift in that failure, there's insights. And when you start to receive those things, and slow down to listen to those lessons and messages, you start to have manifestations that come from feel feeling good, you know, pleasurable experiences. And so you become more connected to your relationships. I would even venture so far as to say you'll receive more financial abundance, even from that kind of openness, right? And abundance in general with the people around you and connectedness to yourself and to others. So that's my closing statement of feminine energy. Soften, to receive.

Andrea  51:13
I love that. And also, you might hear something on a podcast episode that sticks with you that you've heard before, or you might have missed, you know, if you weren't. So I appreciate that so much. And where do you want people to go to grab the book and maybe get you have some bonuses, right?

Angela  51:30
Yes. So when you go to RadicalRadiance.com, you can click on Virtual Goodie Bag and when you purchase the book, all you need to do is go to this link and upload your receipt and then you will get a good Virtual Goodie Bag worth $350 which include a manifestation workshop that I created, my one minute glow routine to get ready for a Zoom meeting and in a New York minute, beauty food recipes and a $25 gift card to SavorBeauty.com. So you can just get $25 of whatever you want to SavorBeauty.com. So that's my gift to all of you. And so you need to do is just go to RadicaRadiance.com I would love to connect with everyone @AngelaJiaKim on Instagram. And thank you so much, Andrea, for having me. It's been such a joy to speak with you.

Andrea  52:20
Yeah, it's been my pleasure. I want to just one more time, Radical Radiance: 12 Weeks of Self-Love Rituals to Manifest Abundance, Beauty and Joy and all of those links will be in the show notes every one of this episode. Thank you listeners for sharing your time with me and my guest today. You know how grateful I am for your time. And remember, it's our life's journey to make ourselves better humans and our life's responsibility to make the world a better place. Bye for now.

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