I’ve talked about what I refer to as “the point of no return” many times in my books and on the podcast, and I’m talking about it again today. This is a point in our lives that we reach many different times, and everyone does to varying degrees. 

Today I’m referring to when you’re in transition. You decided you’re done with your ultra-stressful job and you have to quit– but you’re not sure what’s next. You can’t go back to feeling like you can just trudge through, but you’re not ready yet to take the next step. Or maybe that’s happened in a relationship. You leave a partner (or make the decision to leave) and you can’t go back, but are nervous for what’s next. 

This is such an important time in our lives and one that doesn’t get talked about enough. So, I'm talking about it today! 

Even if this isn't where you are right now, make sure you save this episode in case you need to listen to it again, or share it with someone who you know who's going through a transition in their life. 

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