I’ve been thinking about confidence and I turned on the mic today to give you a reminder about it. Confidence can be that thing we think will come along if we wish it into existence, but it does take actual steps to make it grow in our lives. I wrote a whole chapter on it in Make Some Noise but thing I’m focusing on today in this minisode, is how far you’ve come. 

And you might be thinking, “How far I’ve come! I should be farther along than I am!” and if you’re thinking that, this episode is especially for you. 

When we only see that we “don’t have our shit together” or that we’re moving too slow, or whatever else is in the realm of NOT being where we think we should be, we’ll keep looking for evidence of that and subsequently feel like shit. 

But, if you look for even the slightest of progress you’ve made, the risks you’ve taken to step out of your comfort zone even when it doesn't work out as planned, THAT is progress, THAT is evidence that you are moving forward and that all adds up to your growth. 

Listen in for a little pep talk! 

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