This morning I had a client session where she talked about being in transition in her life setting the intention of this next phase being about her. Not putting everyone else before her, not being utterly selfless, but choosing herself first. 

So we made plans that honored her values and she was excited. But, before I let her go, I asked her a particular question that was directly related to “The Work”, but so often neglected. You’ll have to listen to this short episode to find out what it is 😉 

When it comes to personal development, we want to check off the boxes first, feeling better that we did the thing, and fingers crossed it changes our life, right? And many times, we over think things– including our own personal growth– wanting to put things in categories, wanting to make sense of it all, wanting answers to our uncomfortable questions. 

But often we can’t do that and racing through things or overthinking them keeps us stuck. I’ve certainly been there, and in an effort to work through that, I’ve recorded this minisode for you. 

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