Exciting news…I’m bringing back coaching episodes to the podcast! In this episode I’m coaching a former client of mine, Amy. 

Amy is in her late 40’s, climbed the corporate ladder fairly quickly throughout her 20’s, and now finds herself wanting something different…but she’s not sure what. She mentions fear getting in her way of making a decision. 

I ask her questions that she says, “flip her brain” and you’ll hear me pull sentences from the questionnaire she filled out before our session (you know how I’ve said even applying for 1:1 coaching and answering those questions can give you insights?). 

After we dig into what excites her regarding this new leap of faith, I ask her, “What’s next?” That’s where the real juice happens! 

I think you’ll see some of your own life in this conversation with Amy. The circumstances might be different, but perhaps you’ve been in the place she is now. Or, sometime in the future you’ll be in the place where you’re given a fantastic opportunity and you’re scared to do it! 

You'll hear about halfway through our conversation, Amy says “I'm so glad I got the chance to talk this out because It opens my brain to realize that I get so stuck in my head. And it's really not that big of a deal.” 

My invitation to YOU is to think about things in your life where you might be doing the same thing– spinning, ruminating, overthinking things that might need to just be coached through.  

You’ll hear the nitty gritty about her situation, and I left all this in the recording so you can see how granular we can get in a coaching session in order to support the client and the topic. 

Make sure you stay until the very end where I read an update from Amy! Did she get everything she wanted? Tune in to find out 😉 

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