This was a hard episode to record. 

As you probably know, I’ve been married to my second husband, Jason, for a long time, since 2008. 

And after ten months of committed therapy, in January of this year, we decided to end our nearly fifteen year marriage. 

Out of respect to him and our children, I won’t disclose the details of the reasons we split, but will speak in vague ways and talk about my part… the things I acknowledge that contributed to the end. 

Listen in to this minisode as I share what I can, and share a message I have for any of you who are in a place where you’re wondering if you should stay or go in your own relationship. 

I share as much as I can, and I wish I could share more details with you. North Carolina divorce laws are weird, and at least for now I need to keep some things private. 

But, soon I’ll be able to tell you what the last seven or so months have brought me. There are already enormous learning lessons that I hope will be helpful for many of you. 

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