Scrolling through Instagram the other day, I came across a reel from my friend and colleague, Christine Gutierrez. The message she gave in this short video gave me pause and I watched it several times. 


I loved it so much I wanted to not only share it with you, as well as record my own thoughts as it pertains to my life and expand on how this could apply to you as well. 

I muse on… what might need to die, what needs to rest, what needs to be in stillness so that you can move to the next season that your life is calling you to be in. Perhaps it’s old identities, relationships, or even the way we look at certain relationships. 

Listen in as I expand on this amazing bit of wisdom and break it down around how it might apply to YOUR life. 

Resources from this episode:
Christine’s reel and account
Private coaching with Andrea
A journey to healing deep– podcast episode with Christine Gutierrez

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