Today we are talking about how to cultivate grit and resilience with Danielle Cobo. Fittingly, Danielle is a career coach who works with organizations to develop the grit, resilience, and courage to thrive in a rapidly changing market.

In this episode we also talk about proactively preventing burnout, how to accelerate your career, and how to turn life challenges into purpose and growth. Danielle is just delightful and I hope you love this conversation as much as I did. 

Featured topics:

  • How to identify stress triggers and take proactive steps to prevent burnout (5:39)
  • Danielle answers, “Are you born with grit? If not, how can you cultivate it?” (9:03)
  • Fixed mindset vs growth mindset: what it is and how it plays out in our lives(13:03)
  • What is your X Factor? What excites you? How can you redefine success on your own terms? (23:03)
  • Advice for women who want to accelerate their careers (23:54)
  • An exercise to help cultivate resilience (32:33)
  • “The person you are today is because of what you’ve overcome.” (35:38)

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Danielle Cobo works with organizations to develop the grit, resilience, and courage to thrive in a rapidly changing market. As a former Fortune 500 Senior Sales Manager, Danielle’s grit and resilience led her to lead a team to #1 through downsizing, restructuring, and acquisitions. Lessons she learned along the way will help you to create high-performing teams and award-winning results. Her 20 years of sales experience was key to developing her leadership, change management, and burnout  expertise. Danielle’s resilience led her to start her own business, helping others develop the grit, resilience, and courage to thrive in life and business.

Danielle has a Bachelor’s in Communication with a minor in Psychology from the California State University of Fullerton, Certification in Inclusive and Ethical Leadership from the University of South Florida Muma College of Business, and accreditation in Human Behavior from Personality Insights. inc., and Leadership from Boston Breakthrough Academy.

She is a member of the National Speaker Association, leads the Training Pillar of the Military Spouse Economic Empowerment Zone Committee, Career Transition Advisor for the Dallas Professional Women. Tampa Chamber of Commerce Workforce Development Committee, Women of Influence Committee, Military Advisor Committee, and Working Women of Tampa Bay member.

Danielle hosts “Dream Job with Danielle Cobo Podcast,” a devoted military spouse and mother to 5-year-old twin boys.

Danielle’s book on Grit, Resilience, and Courage is due to be published in the 2023 and will be available on Amazon.