The topic of today’s minisode comes from one of our Make Some Noise listeners! Earlier this year, we sent out a survey, and y’all showed up (THANK YOU!). One listener asked if I could riff on the following topic:

Grieving changes, like kids aging, and experiences you thought you'd have by a certain age.

I have a feeling you all have struggled with at least one of those she mentioned, so I put together a list of steps to think about if you are. Listen into  the minisode to get an in-depth look at these, especially number three! 

  1. Acknowledging the grief— don’t dismiss it. 
  2. Feel whatever you feel, don’t make yourself wrong for it. And know those emotions may circle back around over and over again. 
  3. Work on letting go, in other words, work on detachment. Many times we feel like if we have this or that, it would make us happier, more fulfilled, or more successful. 
  4. Journal and talk to people who make you feel seen and heard on this topic.

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