This week, we are diving into the transformative world of RADICAL JOY with Erica Lasan, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, dedicated wife, and mother. Erica shares her personal JOYrney, unveiling pivotal moments that led her to understand the significance of navigating such a path in life, motherhood, and business. 

Erica shares her empowering three-step framework, the JOYrney™ Process, guiding individuals to Rediscover, Reconnect, and Recommit to Purpose and JOY in every facet of their lives. We also explore the distinction between the pursuit of happiness and the cultivation of enduring JOY.  Finally, as the holiday season approaches, Erica imparts invaluable tips for managing stress, ensuring a season filled not just with fleeting happiness but enduring JOY. 

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Erica talks about what brought her to an understanding of a JOYrney and the need to have one in life, motherhood, and business. (3:29)
  • Purpose does not need to be defined – “You don’t have to find what hasn’t been lost.” (13:44)
  • How to find JOY and where to start: Erica’s three-step framework to help you Rediscover, Reconnect, and Recommit to Purpose and JOY in your life (23:49)
  • The difference between happiness and JOY (28:02)
  • Tips for managing stress during the holiday season (38:47)

Resources from this episode:
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The JOYGem Quiz
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Book recommendations:
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Erica Lasan is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, wife, and mom on a mission to transform the world through RADICAL JOY! In her role as a Corporate JOY Strategist, Erica serves corporations, entrepreneurial women and caregivers as they learn how to rediscover JOY and well-being in their lives and careers. Starting with a jewelry line at age 13, then writing for several media outlets and eventually producing video content for various media channels (including EBONY, Black & Sexy TV, and Mom.com), Erica has built a career around creative expression and service for over two decades. After being laid off in 2016 (and an unexpected transition into motherhood), Erica looked to the “JOYGems” gained throughout her career to establish JOYrney To Purpose™. Through her proprietary framework (the JOYrney™ Process), Erica leads workshops, speaking engagements, community-based challenges, and coaching/consulting to build intentional daily habits around JOY in every area of life… ONE feel-good thing at a time!