Jeannine Yoder is back on the show! Previously, she joined me for a conversation on healing parental wounds. This time, she joins me to explore themes of reinvention, the power of boredom, and self-mothering. 

For those new to Jeannine, she is a New York Times Featured Feminine Leadership & Business Coach, Healer, Mom, Broadway Artist, and Founder/CEO of Mentor Masterclass, an all-in-life coach training school for women.

In this conversation, Jeannine candidly shares her transformative journey of “burning it all down” and the catalyst to her self-transformation. We also explore the intricacies of marriage, sex, and pleasure and the significance of bodywork. 

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Jeannine opens about how and why she “burned it all down” last year. She describes the catalyst and shares about what she is doing now. (3:33)
  • Writing a memoir isn’t just about putting your life in story, it’s about finding the common thread (11:37)
  • Navigating grief and how Jeannine’s relationship has changed with her mother, since her mother’s passing (42:07)
  • Jeannine answers, “What does it mean to self-mother?” (47:29)

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Book recommendations:
You know how I love a good personal development book, right? I’ve compiled a list of book recommendations, as mentioned in past episodes. Check out these amazing book recommendations here. Happy reading! 

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Jeannine Yoder is a New York Times Featured Feminine Leadership & Business Coach, Healer, Mom, Broadway Artist, and Founder/CEO of Mentor Masterclass an all in life coach training school for women.  Jeannine works intimately with women who are bored and burnt out by the current success strategies that are being taught and who are ready to take ownership of their life.  When you are ready to lead from an emergent, abundant and self loving strategy, Jey is the coach you want by your side.  Her signature RSVP method, Embody Dance Classes and Breathwork workshops have helped thousands of clients deeply understand the principles of embodiment and how to create a beautiful life sharing their gifts and passions with others.   Jey is currently on sabbatical from running Mentor Masterclass while she focuses on VIP level 1-on-1 coaching and leading custom workshops for virtual courses, live events and retreats. If you would like to connect with Jeannine to work 1:1 or to lead Breathwork, Embody Dance or to teach emergence to your group you can email her at Jey@jeannineyoder.com




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