Are you hoping to start a new habit or even quit drinking in the coming year? This episode explores the transformative power of habits and the sober-curious lifestyle, featuring Casey McGuire Davidson, a Life & Sobriety Coach and the host of The Hello Someday Podcast for Sober Curious Women.

Casey, with her background in helping high-achieving women break free from alcohol's hold, shares insights applicable to any habit or behavior change. We discuss resolutions to positively impact health and explore best practices for sustaining motivation when that initial drive fades. 

Dry January takes center stage in our conversation, with Casey emphasizing that the act of abstaining from alcohol goes beyond a temporary trend – it's a gateway to understanding the difference one can feel.

Listen to hear ideas that can be a catalyst for positive change in various aspects of your life.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Some resolutions that can improve your health (4:39)
  • Best practices that can keep people going after the initial motivation fades (9:05)
  • Dry January – it’s not just about quitting drinking. (15:07)
  • Casey answers, “Why is quitting drinking a change more and more people are interested in making?” (21:54)
  • “Once you stop drinking for a period of time, you can’t unknow the difference you feel.” (30:58)

Resources from this episode:
1:1 Coaching with Andrea
Daring Way™ Coaching with Andrea
Casey’s website
Casey on Instagram
Atomic Habits, James Clear
Dopamine Nation, Dr. Anna Lembke

Book recommendations:
You know how I love a good personal development book, right? I’ve compiled a list of book recommendations, as mentioned in past episodes. Check out these amazing book recommendations here. Happy reading! 

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Casey McGuire Davidson is a Life & Sobriety Coach and the host of the Top 100 Mental Health Podcast, The Hello Someday Podcast for Sober Curious Women. As an ex-red wine girl who spent 20 years climbing the corporate ladder while holding on tightly to her love of wine, Casey’s passionate about helping busy women stop drinking and create lives they love without alcohol. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, NBC News and over 70 sobriety, motherhood, mental health and wellness podcasts and publications.