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Today’s minisode comes from another listener request! She wanted to know more about how to overcome insecurities to achieve BIG goals. Below you’ll find some of the exercises and questions I talk about in this minisode, but make sure you listen in to get the whole enchilada. 

Big goals are a long game, so let’s first talk logistics. 

First, break down what you want to do into smaller chunks, and then from there, even smaller. Sometimes it can help to look at the reality of what you’re trying to accomplish, and then remind yourself that you’re one human, and it’s going to take time, perseverance, and grace. 

Next, I’m going to give you some questions and exercises to do that will help you break them down so you can work through them and hopefully overcome them. 

Let’s start with why is this goal important to you? Does it honor your values? How do you anticipate it’ll make you feel when you reach it? Is this goal solely important to you, or is it important to you that you reach this goal so others will perceive you a certain way (this isn’t always bad!)

If this goal is successful, are you afraid something will happen then? For example, sustainability, what people will think, outgrowing certain people. 

Thinking about the specific insecurities you have around this, when was the first time you remember feeling those insecurities? Can you narrow down when it became an insecurity? It’s okay if you can’t, instead, think about other areas in your life you feel that specific kind of insecurity. 

What if the goal doesn’t work out as you want it to, think that through. How will you recover? 

What do you need to say no to in order to keep taking action? And when you do that, what are you saying yes to? 

Also, know that you’ll likely have insecurities forever. You’ll get past some and get new ones. Or some you’ll overcome and they’ll come back later when you make bigger or different goals. It’s normal, especially in our culture that constantly makes us feel we’re not enough. 

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