I am excited to welcome guest Stefani Goerlich to the podcast this week! We discuss the intricate nuances of kink, vanilla, and everything in between.

Stefani is a seasoned sex therapist and master social worker renowned for her expertise in gender, sexuality, and relationships.  Stefani explores the evolving landscape of sexual expression, challenging conventional norms and offering profound insights into the diverse spectrum of human desire.

Throughout the episode, Stefani eloquently unpacks the multifaceted world of kink, debunking myths and misconceptions. With candor and compassion, she addresses the apprehensions surrounding discussions of kink, offering practical strategies for introducing alternative sexual practices within relationships and dismantling stigmas associated with BDSM and ethical non-monogamy. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Stefani defines kink as anything unusual for a specific place or time. She explains how the definition of kinky often evolves and varies across cultures (4:23)
  • Highlighting the awesomeness of vanilla sex and dispelling insults associated with the term. (7:22)
  • Some individuals find discussing kinks intimidating, we explore why this might be so. (11:13)
  • The motivations behind people's kinky desires (16:44)
  • Stefani outlines the three primary aspects of BDSM (21:40)
  • Strategies for introducing kink into relationships (28:00)
  • The challenges individuals encounter when exploring ethical non-monogamy (32:57)

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Securing Sexuality
Ethical Slut, Janet W. Hardy and Dossie Easton

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Stefani Goerlich, PhD, LMSW-Clinical, LISW, LCSW, CST, is a certified sex therapist and master social worker who specializes in working with gender, sexuality, and relationships. She is a sought-after clinical supervisor, media consultant, and conference presenter who has appeared in media ranging from CNN and the Washington Post to Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue. She is the award-winning author of the professional books The Leather Couch and Kink-Affirming Practice.