I welcome guest Anna Tsui, and together, we discuss concepts around manifesting, self-trust, and tapping into our genius. Anna, a seasoned leadership coach and international speaker, shares her profound insights into the natural manifestation of our existence and the pivotal role self-trust plays in believing in ourselves.

Throughout our conversation, Anna draws from her experience as an entrepreneur and author to empower others to be their true selves. We explore the transformative power of self-trust and embracing one's unique genius, challenging conventional views and offering invaluable wisdom for those seeking self-discovery in the face of life's challenges.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • About manifestation as a natural outcome of our existence (3:28)
  • The act of self-trust and believing in yourself (9:16)
  • Anna explains her belief that the patriarchy has co-opted the word genius. (13:38)
  • How to tap into your genius and the link between genius and authenticity (14:52)
  • Shadow patterns and how they show up in our lives and keep us stuck (26:45)

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Anna Tsui ( pronounced “sweee” ) is a leadership coach and international writer, speaker and serial entrepreneur. She believes everyone has a unique genius and has developed a signature method that allows people to actually connect to that personal essence.  Her mission is to help people be more successful by being their true, authentic selves.  

Her first book, “Shadow Magic: Turn Your Fear Into Fuel and Create a Prosperous Coaching Business” shows readers how to overcome their personal self-sabotage and build a thriving business.