Coaching episodes are back! This week, I coached Michelle about shame resilience, the distinction between feeling and thinking about emotions, and how to practice self-compassion. I walk Michelle through these crucial aspects of personal growth, offering insights and strategies to navigate the challenges of self-discovery. At the end, you'll also hear an update from me about Michelle's openness to taking action toward her desired outcome.

In this episode, we explore

  • The feeling of being less than or unworthy (7:46)
  • A crash course on shame resilience (11:57)
  • Figuring out and naming your values (33:36)
  • What feeling your emotions looks like versus thinking about them (35:00)
  • How to practice self-compassion and give yourself grace while doing the work (37:48)

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How to Stop Feeling Like Shit
Kristen Neff

Book recommendations:
I love a good personal development book, and you do too, right? I’ve compiled a list of book recommendations, as mentioned in past episodes. Check out these amazing book recommendations here. Happy reading!  

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