This week, we're diving into attachment styles and how they impact our lives professionally and personally. Kerra Bolton joins me for this conversation about shit that matters. For those new to this type of episode, it’s a conversation I have with friends or associates who aren’t necessarily experts on the topic but wish to share thoughts and insights. Kerra and I connected on LinkedIn and bonded over the topic of anxious attachment styles after I shared a post about it. Now you get to enjoy the conversation that culminated from our connection!

In this episode, we dive into the complexities of anxious attachment styles and share our personal stories, the dynamics of anxious versus avoidant attachment, and how cultural and familial influences shape our relationship patterns. We also discuss the journey of self-awareness, personal growth beyond codependency, and strategies for fostering healthier relationships. 

You’ll hear:

  • Anxious Attachment – what is it anyway? (5:22)
  • We both share some of our experiences being someone who’s “anxiously attached.” (7:34)
  • Relationships and attachment styles – what kind of partner do you tend to be attracted to? (17:10)
  • We explore some personal strategies or solutions for overcoming attachment styles that might be outside of what you actually want. (51:22)

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The Science Behind Unhealthy Attraction (medium article Kerra mentioned)
Episode 418: Transforming fear and pain into purpose with Kerra Bolton
Attached, Amir Levine, Rachel Heller
Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples, Harville Hendrix

Book recommendations: You know how I love a good personal development book, right? I’ve compiled a list of book recommendations, as mentioned in past episodes. Check out these amazing book recommendations here. Happy reading! 

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Kerra Bolton is a creative entrepreneur. She sees a problem and then builds a business to fix it. Over the past 30 years, Kerra has been a journalist, television and film producer, creative director, essayist, political operative, director, and foodie. Kerra recently launched Woodbine Ventures, helping individuals and companies navigate career transitions and employee downsizing with clarity and grace. Underneath Kerra's “ventures” is her core purpose to help others live soulfully, disrupt generational patterns, and embrace joy.