Hunter Clarke-Fields, a mindful parenting expert, joins me to explore the nuanced journey of parenting, mindfulness, and self-care. Hunter hosts the Mindful Parenting Podcast and is a global speaker and bestselling author of “Raising Good Humans” and “Raising Good Humans Every Day.” Together, we talk about her personal experiences and insights on integrating mindfulness practices into daily life.

In this episode, we also discuss strategies for parents struggling with overwhelm and the broader applications of reparenting and mindfulness for all adults. Whether you are a parent or not, this episode promises to be insightful and transformative.

You’ll hear:

  • How Hunter began integrating mindfulness practices into her life. (8:00)
  • Ways to practice self-awareness and mindfulness. (10:36)
  • Hunter’s take on whether we focus on our children too much or overparent. (18:27)
  • How exploring our history and upbringing can help us understand and reparent ourselves. (28:25)

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Hunter Clarke-Fields is the host of the Mindful Parenting Podcast ( Top 0.5% podcast ), global speaker, #1 bestselling author of “Raising Good Humans” and “Raising Good Humans Every Day,” Mindfulness Meditation teacher and creator of the Mindful Parenting Course and Teacher Training. Hunter has over 20 years of experience in meditation and yoga practices and has taught mindfulness to thousands worldwide. Her work has appeared in CNBC Make It, Parade, Motherhood Moment, The Hollywood Digest, along with NBC Boston, ABC Portland, NBC Milwaukee, and CBS South Bend, Kansas Public Radio, and many podcasts. She is the mother of two active daughters, who challenge her everyday to hone her craft!