This week I have a coaching session episode for you! Sydney, a podcast listener, joins me as we explore her feelings of being stuck about what she wants in the bigger picture of her life and how she is motivated to build towards something meaningful but isn't quite sure what that looks like yet.

One key theme we uncover is the concept of coming home to yourself. At one point during our session, I suggested a possible reframe: “Coming home to yourself, it’s about those pivotal moments where we fully accept every part of who we are—peace, trust, stability, anger, rage—recognizing that every facet is breathtakingly beautiful.”  We also explore understanding that, maybe, we can be our own anchor in the storms of life.

You’ll hear us talk about:

  • Craving clarity and the desire for connection, seeking an anchor in life. (8:17)
  • Processing emotions: What if being oversensitive isn't a flaw but a human experience? (24:33)
  • Reframing how we look at our emotions, especially Sydney's journey with anger and the inner work involved in understanding and working through it. (31:59)

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Minisode 561: Off-loading emotions 

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